Future Ford Focus RS : Coming Soon

The Future Ford Focus RS , talked about for quite a long time never seems to happen! Yet to discover the sport to Blue Oval is now no more than a story a few months . 

Future Ford Focus RS Go to Geneva

According to American journalists from Road & Track , high performance version of the Focus will land at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year (5 to 15). So it is in Switzerland that the manufacturer will unveil its spicy compact after booking Detroit for its GT , GT350R and F-150 Raptor

If until now, our spy photographers were able to approach the racing car at the Nürburgring , the American brand of course always keep in secret the design of the next Focus RS. Fortunately, illustrators such as X-Tomi Design undertake to imagine what it would be like for future models to make us wait (see picture above) … The result is more than alluring and it copes well the recent restyling .

Formula change

Remember, under the hood of the future Focus RS, it will be a four-cylinder EcoBoost gasoline 2.3 l who will officiate. Seen – and heard – on the last Mustang, it should grow by between 330 and 350 hp . Exit the unusual five-cylinder from the previous generation, but especially the Focus RS should become an integral transmission instead of a simple pull! This is at least what the latest rumors suggest dated …

Finally, marketing is planned for 2016 , while its price should be around the € 35,000 .

source : abcmoteur

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