Ford - Mustang's Mustang electric SUV named Mach E?

Ford – Mustang’s Mustang electric SUV named Mach E?

Whether they believe in its virtues or not, most car brands are forced to invest heavily on the electric vehicle . Ford, which is lagging behind at this stage, is preparing a “0 emission” SUV inspired by the iconic Mustang. An SUV that, according to new information, will be called Mach E.

Initially, this model was to inherit the name Mach 1 formerly used on the Mustang but, faced with the negative reactions that had aroused this choice, Ford had decided to backtrack . The name Mach E, which has just been filed by the mark at the oval with the US Patent Office, could be a wise compromise. As the name Mach-E (with dash) filed at the same time, it was placed in an automotive category containing several areas, including that of the electric vehicle.

Ford - Mustang's Mustang electric SUV named Mach E?

Nevertheless, in the absence of official confirmation from Ford, the conditional remains in place for the moment, even if the information seems quite plausible. The American brand should tell us more quickly, since it seems determined to multiply the communication sequences around this model programmed for 2020. At this point, we have a first teaser image (above) and already know its autonomy, evaluated at 480 km. We also learned that it will be the first vehicle developed by Team Edison, “a new Ford entity dedicated to the development of electrified vehicles for the global market” .

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