Ford Kuga 2017 : Specs, Design and Technological Improvements

Ford Kuga 2017 : Specs, Design and Technological Improvements

The Ford Kuga 2017 continues to look if place among the five most sold SUV segment, which has had to compete with level cars Kia Sportage or the Volkswagen Tiguan.

Also known as the Kuga in Europe, the Ford Escape is the Blue Oval’s least expensive SUV in the land of the Red, White, and Blue. Available from $22,960, the third-generation Escape started production in May 2012. As such, the time has come to freshen up the compact SUV and bring it to the present day.

Aesthetically, we found an SUV with the new front , inherited the new Ford Mondeo and we saw in the American variant of the model, known as the Ford Escape . We speak of the trapezoidal grid new bill at the top of the front, which grows with respect to the previous. There goes well with grilled at the bottom, which stretches but loses altitude. Includes new headlights with daytime running lights with LED technology and fog lights are placed vertically rather than horizontally, as before the arrival of this restyling. Behind, we also see a redesign of its headlights.

Among the finishes to choose, has wheels 17, 18 or 19 inches , a tow bar Retractable (automatically hidden) and new body colors ‘Guard Grey ‘ and ‘ Copper Press ‘.

Ford Kuga 2017 : Specs, Design and Technological ImprovementsThe interior of the new Ford Kuga has been revised to provide a more comfortable position at the wheel, with controls various functions which are reduced in number and are more intuitive, with paddles behind the steering wheel (for versions with automatic transmission) , incorporating an electronic parking brake and having a choice of heated steering wheel .

As for the equipment available on the 2017 Ford Kuga , we can talk about connectivity system SYNC3 , from which we can control the functions of information, entertainment, climate control and free smartphone (Apple and Android carplay Auto).

Ford Kuga 2016: mechanical, aesthetic and technological improvements

If we talk about safety and driver assistance, the new Ford Kuga has the \’semi-autonomous systems Active Park Assist \’ parking options, with battery and online- and ‘ Park-Out Assist ‘ parking in battery- -out with where the driver can maneuver without using the steering wheel, only accelerating and braking, as required. It also lets you add the system ‘ Cross Traffic Alert‘ system active emergency braking in city ‘ Active City Stop ‘ Now, increases the maximum speed at which performs emergency braking, up to 50 km / h- and special key MyKey , the latter since few years ago in the Ford range and allows you to program a maximum speed set a limited volume of music or no possibility of removing the safety devices, if the user uses that key ‘high school’. On the other hand, note also the system ‘ tailgate Handsfree‘ to open or close the tailgate hanging foot below the rear bumper. 

Engines for the Ford Kuga 2017

Mechanical available for the new Ford Kuga is the gasoline engine 1.5 EcoBoost from 120 or 150 hp (FWD) or the power level of180 hp and stood for the ‘ Wheel Drive Smart ‘ Ford. In the diesel range, we found an engine Diesel 120 hp 1.5 TDCi and 2.0 TDCi,choose between powers of 150 and 180 hp . In all Diesel variants will enforce total, except drive the 150 hp, which will be front-wheel drive as an option.

All engines can be coupled to a manual gearbox or automatic transmission with double clutch  Powershift .

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