Ford F150 Police Responder Review

Ford F150 Police Responder Review

Pick-ups dominate the US market. But they had hardly any place in the vehicles of intervention of the forces of the order. So here is the first of its kind, the Ford F150 Police Responder.

The disappearance of the venerable “Crown Vic” has rekindled the market for police vehicles in North America. Despite the efforts of GM and FCA with their Charger, Caprice, Durango or Tahoe, Ford managed to keep the biggest part of the pie. And present a model able to boost its sales … The first pick-up classified in the category “tracking vehicle” .

Ford F150 Police Responder Review

A very wide range for Ford

The Ford F150 Police Responder comes with the Ford Taurus and Explorer Interceptor (or Sedan and Utility Interceptor in Ford), as well as the Taurus Hybrid Responder in this category. With this offer, Ford hopes to equip sheriffs in rural areas, as well as police patrols at the borders or monitoring services in natural areas. This “pursuit” offer comes in addition to a more traditional model of Special Service .

This police version pickup is based on a FX4 Super Crew version. With the all-wheel drive therefore. It is equipped with the V6 3.5 Ecoboost of 375 hp and 640 Nm, with 10-speed automatic transmission. . This makes it possible to build up the category\’s offer with the highest payload and towable load. That is 3175 kg.

For the service, the Ford F150 Police Responder is equipped with the necessary body protections, especially the front. The brakes are more generous than the anti-roll bar. The electrical installation is adapted to the specific equipment. As for the seats, they are dressed in fabric more resistant to the front, and the back seat is satisfied with plastic. Just like the ground

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