Ford Expedition 2019, Explore Get New Special Editions

Ford Expedition 2019 News and Details

At the Texas State Fair, Ford has launched four special sport utility vehicle models that it will market later this year. The Ford Expedition 2019 wins a Stealth Edition and a Texas Edition, while the Explorer receives a limited edition luxury and a Desert Copper edition.

Ford Expedition 2019, Explore Get New Special Editions

Curiously, the Expedition Stealth Edition stands out the most among the four models. It receives some of the most obvious external visual changes of the group. The model features glossy black accents throughout, from the grille to headlight housings, fog goggles, taillight housing, mirror caps, roof rails and rear skid plates. The Expedition badge is also black, as are the 22-inch wheels. Other updates include red interior seams and body-colored door handles.

Ford Expedition 2019, Explore Get New Special Editions

Nearly one out of every four shipments sold in the United States is sold in Texas, so it makes sense for the automaker to present an edition in Texas. This model is specialized in transport, with a loading set and robust towing group. It also benefits from active active assistance to the park, which analyzes available parking spaces and helps you navigate a space. Unique insignia and 22-inch wheels complete the look.

The Explorer Limited Luxury Edition offers appearance enhancements to the limited version. Features include chrome mirror covers, 20-inch aluminum wheels, Nirvana leather seats with micro-perforation, enhanced leather steering wheel, and leather door trim.

The Explorer Desert Copper Edition is based on the basic XLT model and includes chrome mirror covers and 20-inch aluminum wheels. Enter inside and you will find coppery accents on the seats and door trim. The first- and second-row seats are upholstered in leather, while the third-row seats are vinyl.

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