First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi

First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi

Xiaomi will be the first technology to enter the manufacture of cars.

Xiaomi has been developing other business ideas for some time . Thus, if a few months ago he presented his first electric scooter on the market, now it\’s time to think big. The next goal is to enter the world of the automotive industry. China\’s Xiaomi will soon launch its first car.

For this, it has closed an agreement with the Chinese manufacturer Bestune. This vehicle will be sold under the Redmi brand. This is another step away from consumer electronics by Xiaomi . In principle, this vehicle would be destined for the Chinese market, although the door is not closed upon arrival in other markets.

They do not start from scratch

First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi

Xiaomi will not develop a vehicle from scratch, but will market a version of the t77 Bestune already present in the market of the Asian giant. The strong points of this model will be infotainment and technology . Precisely these are the elements that the technological firm can develop by itself without the intervention of third parties.

One of the characteristics that would be part of this new vehicle would be the integration of the MIUI operating system and artificial intelligence systems to achieve the best use of the multimedia elements of the vehicle.

Xiaomi has not provided details

First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi
The Chinese technology firm has not provided technical details of the model, but the Best77 t77 equipped a thermal engine of 1.2 liters of displacement and 143 HP of power which leads us to believe that they will share propellant. This is associated with a manual gearbox of six relations that transmits all the force to the front axle.

It is not known if the version made by Xiaomi will maintain this mechanics or opt for the incorporation of an electrical system. The incursion of the Chinese firm in the car market has not yet been confirmed , but everything suggests that the next Shanghai Hall will be the scenario chosen to confirm the project and expand the information .

For now, the Best77 t77 has a price range that varies between 89,800 and 134,00 yuan, which change between 12,000 and 18,000 euros. 

Every day more technological

First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi

The cars every day incorporate more technologies and electronic systems. C ach day has increased IT support for the development of all functions that incorporate and for synchronization with elements such as driver smartphone.

The connected car is a reality, connectivity takes more importance every day. Infotainment is one of the key pieces in many purchasing decisions . There is no longer a car in the market that does not equip or can equip a screen from which to control a good part of its functions. Technological (understood in the current terms) develop many of the systems that are later integrated into automobiles. So many have thought, why not make them completely?

Other examples

First car of mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi

Google has been developing technologies on cars for years, especially the autonomous car. Amazonalso carries out developments in the same direction and new ways of making deliveries and deliveries . Apple has patented infinity of solutions on the automotive world.

There are many prototypes that have already been tested. At the moment, the main battlefield is the acquisition of data and the possibility of mapping the route over which the route runs.

The first one that is capable of developing a system that understands what an autonomous car can perceive and adapts its response at all times will be the one that manages to impose itself on the competition.

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