Fiat Panda 4X4 Drift in Ice Track

Fiat Panda 4X4 Drift in Ice Track

Today we offer you another splendid video with the legendary Panda 4 × 4 and her skills on the snow of the Livigno ice arena. After the fantastic Drag Race between the Panda 4 × 4 and the Ferrari SF90 or the race with the Taycan Turbo S , today we offer you another video of 19Bozzy92 with a very strange example of Pandino. This is a completely modified version of the second version, probably with a revised engine.

The Panda 4 × 4 from Rally is served

Just listen carefully to the sound of this beautiful creation to understand that there is probably something not original in the engine. We do not know precisely if it is a completely different block, perhaps a new generation Fire or a 16V Fiat engine, or more simply a modification of its original engine, but we understand that something has been done to increase the performance of the legendary. Pandino.

What you see in the video was the second version, always equipped with the four-wheel drive system developed by the Austrian company Steyr-Puch and had a 34 HP 770cc while its 900cc had been replaced by a 45 or 50 HP 999cc. Both were liquid-cooled 4-cylinder Fire engines.

Fiat Panda 4X4 Drift in Ice Track

In the images you can see the first The Ice Challenge 2021 event held on the Ice Driving School circuit in Livigno . It can be easily seen how the little Pandina has enough power to juggle well in the snow and entertain the little public present at the event, due to the obvious Covid regulations. With 4-wheel drive and light weight it does not seem to have any problems, even against other much more famous vehicles such as the legendary “Deltona”.

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