Ferrari 488 GT3 Photos in 3D

Ferrari 488 GT3 Photos in 3D

Ferrari 488 GT3 Photos in 3D – Since the beginning of the month, the Ferrari 458 Italia has given way to the 488 GTB, a development with a supercharged engine. Like its predecessors, this newcomer will be available in either engaged in competition.

Pending formal revelation, the MD studio imagined the GT3 version LM GTE called to scrap on circuit.For now, only a rather successful illustrations allow us to understand this next competitor.

Ferrari 488 GT3 Illustration

The clean lines of the Ferrari 488 GTB easily accommodate the usual fittings with aerodynamics, pell-mell, a cake server at the front, two side whiskers, special mirrors and a huge rear wing.

With the new twin-turbo V8, the next Ferrari 488 GT3 should write his name several times on the rankings at the end of the race. But it will have to face a competition with sharp teeth, like C7.R Corvette or BMW Z4 GTE.