Electric vehicle: the Renault Zoé in great shape!

Electric vehicle: the Renault Zoé in great shape!

The ZOE ZE 40 from Renault has been an astonishing success since the beginning of the year: already more than 2240 registrations of the platform have been recorded.

Available in its 41 kWh version since the beginning of 2017, the Renault Zoé ZE starts off on the hilt and already offers 70% of the market share of the electric vehicle in France. Last year, there were only 1646 copies of the vehicle, the increase is strong: 124%.

Electric vehicle: the Renault Zoé in great shape!

Just behind, the Nissan Leaf is installed with 145 registrations, the third place being occupied by the Peugeot iOn with 110 registrations.

What has boosted the success of the Renault Zoé, is above all its declination in a new version more powerful and more autonomous. The 22 kWh base battery has now been replaced by a 41 kWh battery, for a range of 200 to 400 km for 7 to 8 hours of charging (or 75 km in 30 minutes charging).

Compared to January 2016, the sale of electric vehicles surged: 60% over the year. However, it can not really be said that sales of electric vehicles took off again, they still represent only 1.46% of sales in a market largely dominated by thermal vehicles.

On the other hand, there is a decline in hybrid rechargeable technology: -10% compared to January 2016 with only 457 registered registrations. On this ground, the BMW i3 REX is first with 58 registrations recorded in January, in front of the luxurious SUV Volvo XC90 (55 registrations).

Another market quite particular for the electric vehicle: the utility knows a slight rebound this beginning of the year and progresses by 12,6% compared to 2016. In this area, the Kangoo ZE dominates with 99 registrations.

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