Electric Opel Corsa, long-term rental from 279 euros per month

Electric Opel Corsa, long-term rental from 279 euros per month

The offer is valid on online reservations until September 30th. Here’s what it includes

The rental and the shared car are the future of mobility, especially when it comes to electricity. This is said by many, with the Houses that are expanding their zero-emission car offer by encouraging the public to purchase through a discount policy that brings electric cars and traditional motor vehicles almost on the same level.

This is the case of Opel which, on the same line as that done by Peugeot’s cousins with the E -208 , has launched on its official website the prices for the rental of the Electric Race before those listed. The offer is attractive and includes two different formulas with prices from 279 euros / month to 369  (advance of 6,600 euros , 700 more than 208) depending on whether you rent the car before or after September 30th .

By booking the car on the site with a deposit of 500 euros you are entitled to promotions. But without obligation: you will get a full refund if you no longer want the machine. Here are the offers available.

Opel Corsa-e Edition for 279 euros / month

The new Opel Corsa-e is offered in the Edition version with the formula of long-term rental Free2Move Lease at 279 euros per month including VAT for 48 months by booking it by 30 September 2019 with an advance of 6,606 euros . After, the installment will rise to 329 euros / month for the same services.

Electric Opel Corsa, long-term rental from 279 euros per month

But what does the offer include? 15,000 km of annual journey, theft and fire insurance, Kasko, driver coverage and legal protection, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and roadside assistance h24. The standard features include the 11kW charging cable and the Opel Connect system. By booking the car online, the 22 kW charging cable and the metallic paint are also included.

Opel Corsa-e First Edition for 319 euros / month

If you want something more than the basic version, the most equipped First Edition is available immediately at the promo price of 319 euros / month : this adds the black roof, the two-tone 17 ”alloy wheels and the rear USB socket. From September 30th the installment will rise to 369 euros / month with the same conditions and services included, about 20 euros more than the cousin Peugeot e-208 ( click here for rental prices).

Electric Opel Corsa, long-term rental from 279 euros per month

136 hp and 50 kWh battery

The Opel Corsa-e is equipped with a 136 hp electric motor  powered by a lithium-ion battery pack of 50 kWh capacity. The declared range is 330 kilometers , not bad for daily use, while the performance on paper shows a time of 2.8 seconds for starting 0-50 km / h and  8.1 seconds  for acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h.

As anticipated we do not yet know the list prices in Italy, but we can get an idea with those released for the German market : here the Corsa-e will have a base price of  29,900 euros  and reach 32,900 euros of the rich First Edition version.

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