Electric Bikes (2021): Which One To Choose?

Electric Bikes (2021): Which One To Choose?

let’s take a closer look at electric mobility… on two wheels. More environmentally friendly means of transport have been accumulating for several years in public spaces, and particularly in the most urbanized areas. Large city centers have indeed become the ideal testing ground for a new form of electric mobility, accessible to everyone for daily commuting.


It is well known that traveling by car in big cities like Paris is sometimes no fun. Between the density of traffic, the limited speed on certain sections, the presence of weak users or the difficulty of finding a parking space, using your car can quickly turn into a nightmare, not to mention the stress it generates.

The two-wheelers have understood this well. For several years, the rental bicycle market has been booming, followed in the same segment by that of scooters. Two means of shared transport that now exist in electric and rentable format practically on every street corner (in the case of large cities).

Electric Bikes (2021): Which One To Choose?


While shared electric bicycles or scooters can be found more or less easily in urban areas, this is sometimes less the case on the edge of urban areas or in the countryside. This is where buying an electric bike can be beneficial for covering longer journeys with less fatigue (and sweating), especially when you live in a more hilly environment.

Today, the choice of electrically assisted bicycles is vast. The Auto-Journal helps you to see more clearly with a selection (slide show above) of 10 models of “green” two-wheelers, ranked in order of magnitude according to their price. As far as you know: a “classic” electric bike is generally a bit more expensive than its muscle-activated equivalent. The prices that occupy us start at 700 €.


Good news: it is possible to have financial assistance, in the form of an ecological bonus as with the car, to encourage you to invest in this “eco-friendly” means of transport. The bonus is granted by the government and is in addition to the amount you can receive from your local authority.

To benefit from it, any interested person must be of legal age, domiciled in France and have a reference tax income (year preceding the purchase of the bike) of less than € 13,489. Some communities are generous and offer up to € 500 in costs.

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