DS X E-TENSE Concept General information

DS X E-TENSE Concept General information

According to DS, the X E-TENSE is a prototype sports car convertible ( roadster type ) that advances the look, technology and materials that will have their cars in 2035. It is equipped with autonomous driving technology and requires a helmet to be managed.

In his statement, DS puts a lot of emphasis on talking about vehicle design, above functionality. Thus, the doors are inspired by the wings of some insects, the two seats are asymmetrically separated, have ventilation and massage functions and the driving position is located very low and very inclined, so that the center of gravity is also low. The color of the body is called Millennium Blue.

DS X E-TENSE Concept General information

DS has used leather, wood and metal to make the steering wheel, which has capacitive touch sensors (like the screen of a mobile phone) to “monitor the driver’s efforts”. On the dashboard there is a high fidelity sound bar made by FOCAL and, as in some current production models such as the DS 7 Crossback , a needle clock of the BRM specialist. Among the equipment designed to keep passengers entertained there is a coffee machine.

The floor of the car is transparent glass with electrochromatic function (can be darkened to taste), and the body has no rear view mirrors, since this function is performed by external cameras that transmit the image to a tablet placed under the glass surfaces of the interior . It also has a night vision system using infrared light.

To handle many functions, the DS X E-TENSE has a virtual assistant called IRIS, which is shown through a hologram in front of the occupants and can take various forms, either human, or in the form of a sphere or other selectable patterns .

DS X E-TENSE Concept General information

The propulsion system consists of two electric motors that move the front wheels. «For road use», the maximum power is 540 hp, and in circuit mode, it amounts to 1360 hp. The chassis is made of carbon fiber and the suspension, active type with a predictive system that “reads” the surface (like the suspension of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or an Audi A8 ), consists of “innovative springs and torsion bars », Without further details.

According to DS, the body would be able to recover its shape after an impact, and both cooling and lighting have a great capacity to adapt to the needs of each moment. Part of the body has luminous surfaces that make the functions of headlights and pilots.

DS already designed a prototype in 2016 with a similar name, the DS E-TENSE

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