Driving the 650HP Chevy Camaro ZL1 (video)

LIVE Driving the 650HP Chevy Camaro ZL1

It shifts faster than the Porsche PDK!? Bro Porsche has a real transmission, this is like video game car and like someone above said, in two years will be worth 12,000$

Another heavy ?? car that drives decent on a straight line

Anything with Brembo brakes is perfect to get around! I am impressed by this creation! Sounds strong! I grew up with my dad, he drove a 68 Camaro original blue 327. memories! I dig this car, sounds strong!

I’ll take my 480 HP duramax that comfortably seats 5 and tows 12k pounds all while maybe losing by a car length to this. Maybe.

Settle down cowboy, the new Mustang Shelby is 740hp. Beautiful car though

This is an awesome piece of machinery, no doubt, but give me a 67-68-69 SS/RS and I’m good to go….

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