Devel Sixteen with 5000 HP Will Release Soon

Devel Sixteen with 5000 HP To show in Dubai

Ambitious dream or reality? Reality obviously, since the Dubai manufacturer Devel should reveal on the occasion of the Dubai show its hypercar. It is not a hypercar like we can know today, no, it is a car for the least extravagant which, according to Devel, would develop the trifling of 5000 horses via its engine V16 12, 3 liters quadri-turbo.

Devel Sixteen with 5000 HP Will Release Soon

For the moment, there is still nothing official except information distilled by the brand but for the moment unverifiable. The bad guys will say that this is a simple call for a car that we will never see rolling, but we are still curious and we look forward to November 14, the date of the opening the Dubai Motor Show to see if, yes or no, the Sixteen is indeed the hypercar of all superlatives.

For the moment, the figures announced are staggering. Beyond the power, Devel promises a top speed exceeding 300 mph (or about 482 km / h). What to do to undermine the recent record of the Koenigsegg Agera RS . If all this seems utopian to you, there are still some elements that lead us to believe that this project is serious. Indeed, Devel has partnered with the Italian “Manifattura Automobili Torino”, the builder who is in charge of the construction of the Glickenhaus SCG003S or the Apollo Intensa Emozione. We also had the right in 2015 to a small video (visible above) highlighting the V16 engine, which was bridled at the time, but still out about 4500 horses on the test bench. As much power on open roads, we ask to see of course.

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