Detroit 2017: Lexus LS

Detroit 2017: Lexus LS

Nearly three decades later, where it all began, here is the latest LS unveiled by Lexus.Le flag bearer is announced. After a decade of career Lexus LS shed its skin .

It is at the Detroit show that the fifth generation is revealed. Logical since the US market is the most important for Lexus. Still more logical if we remember that the first name had been unveiled in the same place twenty-eight years ago.

Detroit 2017: Lexus LS

The new Lexus LS, in the simulated four-door style, poses the home renewal of the upper segment. Even longer at 5.24 m, it is based on an extended version of the GA-L platform (released by the LC coupé) with rear-wheel drive.

Its slender style is reinforced by a reduced height (at 1.45 m) when the wheelbase is even more consistent at 3.12 m. The weight ? In fall of 90 kg compared to that which it sends to the retirement.


Faced with German competition based on the S-Class, the 7 Series or the A8, the LS (LS 500) is currently only available with a V6.

This is the very first 3.5-liter V6 biturbo developing 421 hp and 600 Nm, cavalry that goes through the new 10-speed auto gearbox (shared with the LC 500). The 0 to 96 km / h is shipped in 4.5 s in four-wheel drive. The hybrid version? Lexus does not talk about it.

The latest Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system, which plays on several components (engine, steering, brake, suspension), offers the best possible driving comfort.

Aids to driving and equipment are legion for a car of this rank. In particular, there is a new detection system combining steering and braking in the event of a risk of collision with a pedestrian.

Called to start her career in the US at the end of the year, the new Lexus LS will be marketed in 90 markets around the world.

Below are the images to appreciate the more chiseled and angular style and better apprehend the cockpit.

Source: Lexus.

Credit: Lexus.

Picture credits: Lexus.

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