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Detroit 2017: Chevrolet Traverse

A few months after the Equinox, it is the turn of the biggest Chevrolet Traverse to renew itself.He affirms his style and emphasizes more than ever his habitability.

Launched in 2008, the Chevrolet Traverse marked GM’s abandonment of the minivan market after several unsuccessful attempts. The Traverse has also reached more honorable figures, with 11,9945 units for its best year, 2015. The time for renewal has finally sounded for him, in the wake of the Equinox. With the aim of building a more coherent range.

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Unlike the GMC Acadia, its ex-cousin, the Traverse does not revise its dimensions downward: 5189 mm, 15 mm more than the previous generation. On the other hand, it has a stretched wheelbase of 50 mm (3071 mm). However, the style does not try to hide the volume of the back part. Because this large crossover capable of carrying up to 8 passengers in fact on the contrary a major argument. The official prose thus highlights the habitability to the second and third row, as well as a volume of loading which can reach 2789 liters.

The style is not stunning, but affirms its Chevrolet personality, and its anchoring in the SUV world with more angular and horizontal shapes. Under the hood, the Chevrolet Traverse will offer a 2.0 Turbo of 255 hp / 400 Nm, or a V6 3.6 305 hp / 351 Nm. Both in traction or 4-wheel drive, and with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

This new Traverse also proposes to unify the designations of versions. Thus a more dynamic version with the chrome replaced by shiny black (until the Chevrolet logo) will be called RS, as for the more compact models. And the version with the richest finish will be called High Country. A direct link with the biggest Tahoe and Suburban, or with the Silverado pickup.

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