Škoda Kodiaq 2017

All Details Of Skoda Kodiaq 2017

The Kodiaq is a completely new model with all-terrain type bodywork. It is the first model that makes Škoda with that type of body, but not the first with more than five seats (Škoda 1203 of the late 1960s could accommodate eight passengers). Since November 2016 orders can be placed and the first deliveries started in March 2017. In this and this list are the prices of all versions with five and seven seats respectively.

Its dynamic virtues are the smoothness and comfort of running, which surpass those of a BMW X3  and a Toyota RAV4 . It is, however, less agile on curvy roads than a Volkswagen Tiguan or the aforementioned BMW off-road vehicle. Its interior is made of good quality materials, looks neat and its equipment can be very wide.

The starting price is 25 140 euros, which corresponds to the version with gasoline engine of 125 horses and five seats. The most similar model on the market is the Ford Kuga 2017 petrol and 120 horsepower, which costs 22 240 euros. The Škoda Kodiaq is larger, faster and less fuel consumed ( comparative tab ). The Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage , both with a 132-horsepower gasoline engine, are clearly more affordable than the Kodiaq, but their size is smaller (they do not reach 4.5 meters in length, while Škoda reaches 4.7 Meters). Despite the power advantage of the Hyundai and KIA models, they are not faster and spend more fuel according to the official data.

Škoda Kodiaq 2017

With a 150-hp diesel engine, all-wheel drive and manual gearshift, costs 28 940 euros (a price is clearly lower than the average: list of all-terrain tractors with a total drive of 4.50 to 4.80 meters in length and engine Diesel between 130 and 170 hp ). The price is the same if you choose with front-wheel drive and DSG automatic gearshift and it also results in a lower price than most of its alternatives ( list of SUVs between 4.50 and 4.80 meters in length, Diesel engine between 130 and 170 hp and automatic transmission ). For now, Škoda has not provided the price of the Kodiaq with this diesel engine, front-wheel drive and manual gearbox.

It is available with five or seven seats (this second is 850 euros more expensive), always with the same body length, 4.70 meters. The space available to passengers is similar to other comparable size SUVs – such as the Nissan X-Trail (4.63 meters), the KIA Sorento (4.78 meters), the Hyundai Santa Fe (4.66 meters) and The Mitsubishi Outlander (4.69 meters) – and the trunk is one of the largest capacity among SUVs that are less than 4.8 meters long ( interior measurements ).

The Kodiaq has ingenious solutions, such as an umbrella inside each of the front doors, a flashlight with magnet and a system that protects the edges of the doors to avoid damaging them against a wall or damage the car that is parked next. This system is similar to Ford used in the Focus and consists of a piece of plastic that when opening the door, pivots from the inside protecting the edge of the door

The driving of the Kodiaq is pleasant because it circulates very smoothly and quietly and because all the controls are operated with little effort. With the optional adaptive suspension (DCC), which is the one with the units we have driven, it is a vehicle with a particularly good compromise between stability and comfort. He does not feel particularly agile when traveling on slow roads, but his reactions are always very safe. Although the Kodiaq is not intended to be used as an off-road vehicle, its ground clearance (194 mm) and total traction allow it to travel through relatively complicated areas.

Five are the possible engines, three of gasoline-TSI of 125, 150 and 180 CV- and two Diesel – TDI of 150 and 190 CV. The gasoline 125 and 150 hp have a displacement of 1.4 liters and the rest 2.0. On the 150 hp gasoline engine, Škoda uses the half-cylinder disconnect system when torque demand is low.

During the presentation we drove briefly the Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 150 CV 4×4, which has a diesel engine with a correct operation in terms of vibrations and noise. It has enough force to move the vehicle with some agility, as long as the use is not too demanding. If you are going to use all the places in a habitual way or you are circulated by roads with many unevennesses, it is possible that it is scarce.

Automatically attachable all-wheel drive – with a multi-   disc clutch that engages when the front wheels are skidding – is available for 150 hp or more power engines; The front is the only possible in the 125 hp and a possibility in the 150 hp. With the gearbox it happens as with the traction systems: the manual gearbox is the only one available for the 125 hp engine and an alternative in the 150 hp; The automatic, double-clutch  with seven speeds is standard on the 180 and 190 hp and optional on the 150 hp.

All Details Of Skoda Kodiaq 2017

In option for all the versions there is a selector of modes of conduction that alters, among other things, the speed of response of the engine, the operation of the automatic gearbox (if it has one), the operation of the system of air conditioning, the Of the power steering and the hardness of the damping (in case of having the DCC suspension). Available modes are Normal, Eco, Sport, Individual and Snow. Snow mode is exclusive to all four-wheel drive versions and modifies the operation of different car systems (disables ABS and stability control, reduces the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal and activates slope descent control, between Others) to increase the adhesion on surfaces with little grip.

At best, the lightest Kodiaq weighs 1527 kg (an Outlander, 1430 kg, an X-Trail, 1505 kg and the Santa Fe, 1777 kg; comparative datasheet ) and the drag coefficient is 0.33 The Sorento). It can tow up to 2500 kg and offers a system to facilitate the maneuvers of parking with trailer – it premiered the Audi Q7 – in which turning the adjustment knob of the mirrors guides the trailer by automatically actuating the direction of the car.

There are more systems to aid in driving. The skoda Kodiaq has, optionally or as an option, the alert for inadvertent lane change , a blind spot detector , an active speed controller , a semi-automatic parking system, a set of four cameras that generate a top view Of the vehicle and its surroundings (Škoda calls it ‘Area View’), automatic braking when backing up if an obstacle and emergency braking in the city, in addition to pedestrian detection.

There are four different multimedia systems: Swing, Bolero, Amundsen and Columbus. With some of them it is possible to create a Wi-Fi network inside the car. There is also an application that allows, from a mobile phone, to locate the car, see some data such as autonomy, send directions or points of interest to the car’s browser or connect the personal calendar so that, depending on traffic information, At what time you have to start the trip to arrive on time to the appointment. In option you can order a wireless recharging system for the mobile.

The Škoda Kodiaq is built on the MQB modular platform, which is used by the Volkswagen Group for its new transverse engine models, such as the Tiguan and SEAT Ateca (Kodiaq battle -2.79 m) Of these-2.68 and 2.64 m respectively-). In 2017 Volkswagen will have a longer Tiguan with seven seats.

The tires can be 17, 18 or 19 inches. The name Kodiak comes from the Kodiak bear, which lives on the island of the same name in Alaska and in other areas nearby.

In the car insurance comparator we have calculated the price of an all-risk policy without excess for a Kodiaq 4×4 1.4 TSI of 150 horses with manual gear shifting. The taker is a 36-year-old married person living in Madrid, keeping the car in a collective garage and traveling around 20 000 kilometers a year. He has been insured for more than 10 years in another company ( Ocaso ) and has never had any accidents. With these conditions, the lowest price is offered by Mapfre for 1395 euros with a policy quality of 7.02 points out of 10.

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