Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition: a V12 that runs at 9,500 rpm

Details Of Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition: a V12 that runs at 9,500 rpm

As the 812 Superfast is already extremely swift, Ferrari is once again pushing the limits with a new version. Here are some details ahead of its full unveiling on May 5.

Evolution of the F12 , the 812 Superfast comes to the end of its career. As always, Ferrari will give a big blow with what could be the last atmospheric V12 from Ferrari.

Ferrari will unveil the ultimate edition of the spectacular 812 Superfast on May 5 . Itself a mid-life evolution of the F12 Berlinetta launched in 2012, this configuration is coming to the end of its career. Not only is this the end of one of the finest Ferraris in history, it’s also quite possible that we will see an atmospheric V12 at Ferrari for the last time.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition: a V12 that runs at 9,500 rpm

For now, this variant of the 812 is only known as the “Limited Edition”. Obviously, this is not its official name. Ferrari has a long list of possible nominations and possible tributes like GTO or Speziale, so there’s no shortage of choice. To find out what its official title will be, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s various social media.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition: a V12 that runs at 9,500 rpm

At Ferrari, a “special edition” often means an almost completely revised body. This is the case with this car. As always, engineers are constantly on the lookout for aerodynamics. As a result, this 812 was almost drawn in a wind tunnel. The objective behind these modifications is not only to have a good rate of penetration into the air, but above all to direct the negative pressures to the right places to optimize grip.

We therefore arrive with a brand new front bumper, a redesigned hood, a completely revised rear diffuser. Add to this the replacement of the bezel by an aluminum applique which incorporates a series of louvers that generate small aerodynamic vortices. Obviously, in these operations, we take the opportunity to reduce the mass by a few grams here and there. For the moment, Ferrari has not given figures for this 812 “Superleggera”.

In terms of technique, Ferrari remains true to its habits. The 6.5-liter V12 will increase to an output of 818 horsepower against 789 for the original version. Torque is expected to remain similar at 530 lb-ft. What is most impressive, following these numerous modifications, this monster will be able to revolutionize up to 9500 revolutions / minute. This is Ferrari’s highest engine revolution ever for a road car.

We will have more details on May 5, but several facts have been confirmed such as modifications to the exhaust system, to the engine control unit, to the brakes, to the suspensions; there is even talk of 4 directional wheels with independent management. This ultimate 812 therefore promises to be the queen of the slopes.

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