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Despite its recent launch, the Ford Bronco is recalled for defective airbags

To talk about the Ford Bronco is to talk about an SUV that has been very successful in sales . Ford has hit the mark with the launch of the Bronco and its off-road capabilities, as well as its performance, however there are some disadvantages that the SUV presents and that you should consider when choosing it, one of them is its low fuel efficiency . But not only is it the only thing you should consider, it is currently being recalled for having defective airbags that turn out to be a great risk for any driver.

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The good news is that few retired Broncos

The 2021 Ford Bronco is subject to a further recall, although it ‘s a fairly small number of SUVs that the Blue Oval needs to call for overhaul , 533 to be exact . According to documents the automaker filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month, a group of Broncos may harbor faulty passenger-side airbags.

What is the specific problem with air bags?

This group of 553s may include airbags that do not deploy properly. Specifically, passenger-side airbags can “open prematurely and result in improper deployment ,” the NHTSA said. With the problem, these Broncos do not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards .

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Ford will provide a quick and free solution

Fortunately, the problem is a quick fix. Owners will need to take their Bronco to a dealer, where a technician will install a new passenger-side airbag at no cost . It is recommended that you look for the mailed notices about the recall that will begin to arrive in the mailboxes from November 15th . If you are one of the customers who has bought a Ford Bronco, we recommend you keep up to date and ensure the safety of your vehicle, but especially that of your passenger, in this case.

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