Dacia details how the mobile phone turns into the car's multimedia system

Dacia details how the mobile phone turns into the car’s multimedia system

Dacia came up with an idea by which the driver’s phone can be transformed into a car infotainment system. The feature is available on the basic versions of the new Sandero and Logan.

Dacia is one of the most affordable cars for sale in Europe, but that does not mean that the models lack innovation. The Romanian brand comes with a system called Media Control, which involves using the mobile phone as the car’s multimedia system. The function is available on the basic versions. Everything can be done very simply, by installing the dedicated application on your mobile phone.

Dacia details how the mobile phone turns into the car's multimedia system

Media Control works by placing the smartphone in the special dedicated space on the dashboard. The interface is customizable and offers the ability to create shortcuts to quickly order for your favorite applications. The connection with the car is made via Bluetooth, and the system also allows the use of the controls on the steering wheel.

Through the phone, the driver can access functions such as navigation, radio, music, phone, even the on-board computer . Media Control can also read “aloud” messages, a feature available only for Andorid devices. An iOS version is in development.

Adjusting the volume, changing songs or answering calls can be done via the steering wheel controls.

Moreover, the system also includes alert functions for forgetting the phone or finding the car in the parking lot. And if the driver does not want to use the function, the space dedicated to the phone can be hidden under a cover.

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