Confederate Motorcycles : R-Code Combat Bomber at Quail

BIRMINGHAM, Ala .– ¬†Confederate motorcycles, the creators of the world’s most exotic motorcycles, have released the limited-edition FA-13 bomber, only thirteen of which will be handmade on the Birmingham. The FA-13 combat bomber is characterized by its 100% military billet construction mandate, its aggressive position and its distinct matrix anodized finish.

Matt Chambers, founder and CEO, said, “Suddenly, it’s 1970. The era of the great American muscle bike, with its unique bore and abdomen, low-revving torque, Its air-cooled simplicity comes to an end. With the R-Code Combat Bomber, we go out with a bang, not a moan. ”

Nine Bombardiers Combat FA-13 remain available for booking. The Combat 61 collection of P51 fighters is quickly exhausted; We do not expect this rare opportunity to linger.

Confederate Motors, Inc. (CFED) is a 100% rebellious think tank focused on creating the best and most beautiful motorcycles without compromise. Every motorcycle is handcrafted to be a historical work of art that resembles and rises as a rebellion itself. The company is traded on the OTC market under the symbol CFED.

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