Citroen C3, For Novice Driver

Citroen C3, For Novice Driver

The third generation of the Citroen C3 debuted a few days ago and is expected to arrive on the Italian market in November . It will be a subcompact much different than today, closer and similar to a crossover than the classical subcompact five-door. The arrival of the new series is a good reason to consider the purchase of C3 on the market today , launched in 2009 and renewed four years later, it remains a car very comfortable, well laid out and has a large trunk (300 liters ) in relation to the external length (394 cm).

Citroen C3, For Novice Driver

Ideal for novice drivers

A 6,980 euro is a copy of the July 2010 , with motor gasoline 1.1-liter (61 hp), which is an excellent solution for those looking for a second car or the car to give to a novice driver. The C3 in question is located in Milan, has traveled 36,300 kilometers and boasts a wealth of standard equipment: the equipment includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, four airbags and the audio system with MP3 player. A specimen with motor diesel does not require a much more expensive investment, as the example of Pollena Trocchia (Naples): Here is a model of March 2011, to 6.990 euro , with panoramic roof, daytime running lights, stability control and the speed controller.In this case the engine is a 1.4 to 68 hp. But we must take into account an increased wear, whereas the mileage is 93,000 km.

Better to wait for those ready for delivery

For sale are also some copies already converted to LPG , even more economical in terms of operating expenses. Alessano, in the province of Lecce, one is available where the kits had been assembled from the house: it is called C3 Bi Energy , uses the 1.4 engine from 74 hp and dates back to June 2010, since he has traveled 78,000 kilometers. The price is 5,900 euro. Much more expensive are the specimens at 0 kilometers , but will suffer the devaluation of the new C3: in Rome he can find a May 2016, diesel, in nearly full optional version (also the navigator series, bluetooth and the ‘ESP) but valued 16,000 euro . In this case, our suggestion is to wait another few months, so as to further lower the price.

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