Child Car Seats: the danger comes from parents

Child Car Seats: the danger comes from parents

Even if all the seats are not equal before the accident, the greatest risk comes from improper installation of the child.. While install a child seat is a good thing, it is still necessary then adjust the belts on the body of the child.

We do not compromise the safety of children. A priori. Because when you look closer, child restraint systems, different age, are of variable quality.

Child Car Seats: the danger comes from parents

But the greatest risk comes from parents themselves and how they use these restraints. They either settle poorly, if at all, or the child and filed in and loosely attached – alas, not always – with ill-fitting belts. In other words, all that the manufacturer has designed to secure the best terms with the protective car seat and the child is rendered useless by too often casual use.

This is the survey conducted by our colleague and the survey of 200 motorists relatives perplexing. Observed in the vicinity of eight schools, 43 did not obey basic safety rules. If Auto-Plus recognizes that it has not statistical value, one can not help thinking that most accidents occur on familiar routes, not far from home.

88% of unprotected children

Because the ride is too short, the parent simply drop the child in the seat. 88% of children observed during this “sidewalk draft” were not or poorly attached. Inadequate Headquarters in morphology, twisted or too loose straps, the catalog is broad negligence without even approach the proper stowage of the seat on the seat of the car.

This small survey corroborates in part the European study by Britax which surveyed 4500 parents in spring 2015. 33% say they have transported their child without any restraint and 7% even admit to taking their children on the knees! Is the worst thing imaginable in terms of accident. Negligence does not stop there, since 25% of respondents bought their seat on an online sales site, and 67% admit having spent less money than buying a cell phone.

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