Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept

LikeAutomotive ~ Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept – For you lovers of cars double-cabin, it feels not satisfied if you don’t see a burly character of Chevrolet Colorado on this one. The concept that would slide in November later this would have myriad secrets make it add special.

Scheduled to skate at the upcoming SEMA Show last weekend, Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept design looks more revealing ones with various new features plus more physical ornament awaits.

According to the News reported by by carscoops, Thursday (25/09), a series of his creation is based on a System that allows Accessory GearOn users to transport various goods such as bicycles, tents, kayaks and anything else with an interest in adventure gear.

Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept

Another advantage provided by Chevrolet which assist steps, cargo rings, splash guards, tiered storage, bike rack, cargo divider and wheel lip moldings. With the accessories he wore now, Chevrolet Colorado is the right choice for those who are crazy and adventurous nature hike.

According to Chevrolet, despite all the trimmings just maximum, apparently they still deny supplies the legs of their flagship. As they were preparing them for a future series production.

LikeAutomotive (Chevrolet Colorado Sport Concept)

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