CF Moto SR C21, two-cylinder powerhouse

Every day CF Moto is closer to being one of the important contenders in the motorcycle market. At the Milan EICMA 2021 show they presented the Concept SR-C21; a beautiful sports car that foreshadows the design style of the brand’s next motorcycles.

CF Moto has been struggling for many years to find its place in the European market for medium and large motorcycles. The first 650cc naked twin-cylinder engines arrived over 10 years ago, and since then they have only made progress in the right direction. Now, after the arrival of the well-known MT800, the trail already developed with the help and the KTM engine, its steps are becoming firmer and safer. And proof of this is this sports car that they exhibited at their stand at the Milan EICMA 2021 show.

It’s called SR-C21 . SR is the name they already used in their sports cars, such as the convincing 300. And the C refers to it being a “Concept”, a prototype-only motorcycle to show in the show and show where their ideas go in terms of design of future models. Regarding 21, it simply refers to the year of its presentation, since they have already announced that a similar motorcycle will arrive in stores throughout 2022.

Its lines, sharp and completely sporty, have been drawn at the brand’s design and development center in Modena. It uses a new 400cc twin-cylinder engine in a new chassis. No power or weight data has yet been given, but surely this CF Moto will soon become a reference among sports cars for A2.

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