Car test & Review: Mitsubishi L200 (Specs, Price)

Car test & Review: Mitsubishi L200 (Specs, Price)

Mitsubishi L200, Halfway between commercial vehicle and leisure pickups are attracting more and more individuals. It must be said that they enjoy a certain advantage: they are exempt from penalty! But what then is left for SUV?

To the question “Are you tempted by the purchase of a pick- up rather than a new generation SUV? “You were 55% to answer” yes “when we survey published online in early September. Since three years the sales of Pickup in France rose 20% to 12,000 units in 2014. Mitsubishi is one of the specialists in this category: 4 generations and 37 years of career, the L200 s’ has sold over 4 million units. Still, with around 1,200 units sold in 2014, its market share has continued to plummet. The Japanese manufacturer is launching the fifth generation of its L200: new chassis, new engine, new transmission, Pick up Mitsu is renewed completely and expects to recover its place in the top 3 in the category alongside the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger who monopolize the market.

Car test & Review: Mitsubishi L200 (Specs, Price)

The Greener segment

How to stand out from competitors pick-up and pull out of the game deal with stylish SUV seducing more individuals? After many years to cultivate its sporty image builder (Dakar Pajero, Lancer rally ??) Mitsubishi wants to totally change the axis of communication: the new L200 is the least polluting model in the market.

Its unique four-cylinder 2.4 turbodiesel is available in two versions (154 and 181 hp). He rejects as versions of 169-189 g / km of CO2, equivalent in practice to about 9 l / 100 km consumption. The most powerful ensures a beautiful Approval including beautiful reminders. However, prefer the 6-speed manual transmission. The auto box 5 suffers from a long tiering. Whatever CO2 emissions some say! Since as the L200 Pick-up is considered a commercial vehicle. It is therefore totally exempted from penalty, even for individuals.And exempt from TVS for pros. The L200 comes in two bodies: the long version called “double cab” has 4 doors “ordinary”. The short version says “Club Cab has meanwhile extended cab and a rear-hinged rear doors. Unlike the “double cab” it does not need to resort to the VU processing (600-800 euros) to be exempt from VAT. To achieve such a result, the total length of L200 remains at 5,205 meters . And the weight drops to 1.815 kg (ie 50-100 kg less than the previous generation and 100-200 kg less than its competitors). The ratio improved aerodynamics also falling to 0.40 against 0.46 previously thanks to its more fluid silhouette. One of the less “square” of the segment. Note that the tortionnelle rigidity improves by 7%.

Car test & Review: Mitsubishi L200 (Specs, Price)

A cabin of Outlander

It’s fine to be sober, to appeal to individuals. Must still be welcoming and pleasant to drive. Rest assured, the Mitsubishi L200 almost gets the furniture SUV brand: the Outlander. Not pretty nor qualitative you say. True, but the materials are designed to last. The ergonomics of the controls is good. And the seating comfort is the appointment! In the rear seats, amortization obviously will not be as soft. The Mitsubishi L200 embarks indeed just like its competitors leaf springs at the rear to ensure its utility vocation: 1 ton of payload into the bucket of 2.23 m2 and 1.52 m long our Double Cab model (2.72 m2 Club Cab). The maximum towing capacity of 3.1 tonnes passes. The correct values ​​but still slightly lower than those of its rivals.

Two types of transmissions

Depending on the finish, the Mitsubishi L200 offers two types of transmissions: the entry-level model widely preferred by professionals (club cab and entry-finish) is shipped with the “Easy Select” transfer-free center differential: in 4×4 mode, the torque is split equally between the front and rear (50:50 up to 80 km / h). The rear differential can be locked from a control board. The Intens finishes in turn chosen by 50% of individuals has a permanent AWD with short box called “Super Select 4WD II”. New: the passage of modes is done using a simple knob rather than manually. It has a center differential lock. A viscous coupling locking replaces.

Car test & Review: Mitsubishi L200 (Specs, Price)

Should we buy it?

The Mitsubishi L200 starts at 27,480 euros and 31,400 euros Club Cab Double Cab in. Our test model “Double Cab” features the high-end finishing “Instyle” box and automatic application 39.950 euros. Either very nearly the rates of its competitors the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. However Mitsubishi L200 is the best equipped as standard: xenon lights, cruise control, reversing camera, air conditioning bi-zone, Touch multimedia system, USB Port or even keyless starting and leather upholstery. It is also safe side a lane change warning, a Trailer Stability support system and a start assist rating and a driver knee airbag (or 7 airbags). The Mitsubishi L200 also boasts a total guarantee of 5 years or 100,000 km. In the same rates and benefits, is also found in a SUV Hyundai Tucson eg (37,150 euros 1.6 GDi T-177 4WD DCT7 Executive 2.200 euros malus). This will prove much more welcoming, but will not provide the same service at all in its utilitarian function. 

Balance sheet

Ideal for work the week and go about their leisure on weekends, like other L200 pick-up is proving an attractive alternative to SUVs. At least in the condition not be too fussed about the quality of its interior. This is his main weakness as against its direct competitors. The exterior design is subjective. For otherwise, it has not much to envy the top names in the category. On the contrary, it appears even better equipped and good at crossing.

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