How You Can Buy 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon of 2018 has the buzz of the car community, but potential buyers want to know two things: how much will it cost and how do I get one?

With only 3,300 production places, of which 3,000 will come to the United States while 300 will go to Canada, these are just questions, as it will be a rare beast.

Tim Kuniskis, FCA’s chief of passenger cars in North America, told Motor Authority that dealer prices and allowances will be announced in June, but the word Demon will be priced below $ 100,000.

It is clear Kuniskis and the team learned a thing or two from the Hellcat launch fiasco a few years ago, which saw dealers gouging customers for ridiculous money piles.

FCA hopes that most customers will simply waltz in their local Dodge showroom and place an order for the Demon, and maybe a Demon crate. This, of course, is probably the simplest way … if the dealers are not greedy.

For those who want to know more about the Demon, or do not even know where the nearest Dodge dealer is, seriously, you have not gone and have you stumbled on a Hellcat in recent years? Dedicated website, which provides all the history you might need regarding the Demon, and helps locate a nearby Dodge dealer.

For those who want more information from a living human instead of a website, Dodge is setting up a 1-800 dedicated phone line for the Demon. That’s right, it will be a direct line dedicated to information, pricing, statistics, dealer allocation numbers, everything you need to get your solution.

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