Cadillac "The Beast": discover the limousine of the new American president Donald Trump

Cadillac “The Beast”: discover the limousine of the new American president Donald Trump

Donald Trump today takes his place at the White House officially after his presidential victory. The number one politician of the United States will also be entitled to the famous Cadillac limousine, but some changes are to be noted for Donald Trump who shows a little more reason (si, si!).

She is nicknamed “The Beast” by the Americans, and we quickly understand why. The presidential limousine, designed and manufactured by General Motors, was already known to all with Barrack Obama, and the car will be re-run at the inauguration of Donald Trump today. Spy photographers have caught the new version of the limousine Cadillac in test session at General Motors, so that tiny changes (according to some indiscretions) should be noted.


The first of them, and not the least, is that Donald Trump is making a comeback to reason in relation to Barrack Obama. The latter had indeed a real fleet of Cadillac limousines (a good dozen), but the new Republican president chose to keep only one that will be used permanently.

Aesthetically, as can be seen in this shot, the new version of the presidential limousine should be entitled to its “restylage” with new lights and a front reminiscent of the latest Cadillac productions, such as Escalade.

The underside of the beast

The “Cadillac One” cost a little over $ 15 million to General Motors , an amount fully paid by the US government. Each copy of the limousine is worth between one and one and a half million dollars. The technical information on the car is obviously complicated to obtain: the mass, for example, whose announced values vary between 5 and 7 tons, which seems to be a rather coherent estimate given the shielding and the equipment. Speaking of shielding, we must know that the windows are sealed to counteract any bacteriological and chemical attack. The shield itself consists of an alloy of metals about twenty centimeters, the floor being completely covered with a thick layer of metal to defend itself against the bombs that could be on the road. The doors are so heavy that they can not be opened from the inside …


The US president is protected by a close guard who has a pistol, tear gas cannons to disperse, and everything to keep the president alive in the event of an attack, such as pockets of blood Of the president’s blood group, obviously) kept in the car.

Unlike Barrack Obama who used the Cadillac as an adjoining office, Donald Trump chose simplicity as it will only be used for travel. And on this subject, it is necessary to know that the Cadillac has received some modifications like the suspension piloted electronically. Kevlar-reinforced tires are combined with special ultra-rigid rims that allow you to continue riding even when you have four flat shoes.

Some technical information

The Cadillac One is not a blank project. This would obviously cost far too much for a vehicle produced at only a few units. General Motors has therefore drawn in its large bank of engines and platforms to design this presidential craft.

The base is the Chevrolet Kodiak (not to be confused with the other Kodia “q”, the SUV Skoda sold by us), a medium-sized utility used for certain professions. Under the hood is the traditional V6 6.6 “Duramax” of General Motors whose power revolves around 300 hp and the torque is about 800 Nm (variable according to the engine versions).

Some American media, who were able to try the car (the old version in any case), speak for their part of a V8 LS3 original Chevrolet, which is a petrol block (variable cylinder and rotating around six liters ). The opinions differ on the engine installed in the “Beast”, but given that there were a dozen copies produced for Barrack Obama, it would not be surprising that one part of the park is in essence and the other In diesel.

It is in any case the first American presidential limousine that does not include a base model series of a manufacturer’s catalog. Former US presidents had in fact been awarded Cadillac Fleetwood and Lincoln Continental, all powered … gasoline.

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