When one loves, one does everything to protect one’s object of desire.

Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of damage in the state of Texas. The vehicles were not spared, there are nearly 500,000 vehicles flooded during this hurricane.

However, some owners have wished at all costs to avoid the catastrophe to their favorite car. This is the case of this gentleman, Cody Crochet, who had the idea to place his vehicles as high as possible. For its magnificent BMW M3 red, Crochet used four jacks that are observed all around the car.

Last Saturday, when Cody Crochet woke up, he noticed that this was not enough, the water continued to rise and the red BMW M3 could be touched. He then added blocks of stone which he recovered in his garden. Concerning his second BMW M3 white, he decided to put it on a trailer and it seems to be beneficial since it too has not suffered any damage. Finally, for his BMW X5, whose ground clearance is higher than the other two, Crochet simply brought him closer to his house which was very slightly sloping.

Unfortunately, Cody Crochet says his home was hit by the floods. The water invaded all the rooms of the house before retreating. Cody Crochet adds that he has never seen such a flood in his residential area, it is the first time a hurricane takes on such a magnitude and the water rises so high.

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