BMW X5 gets 5 stars Crash safety rating

BMW X5 Gets 5 Stars Crash Safety Rating

BMW X5 gets 5 stars Crash safety rating – When the new X5 hit the US shores it was immediately tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS for short. These guys are known for their small overlap front tests that gave pretty big headaches to most manufacturers out there.

The HHTSA has made it harder for cars to score five stars over the years requiring greater safety and thus less risk of injury. So seeing a five star score on the frontal and side crash tests is a real achievement.

The latest-generation BMW X5 has gone through yet another round of crash tests and as expected, the SUV has come out with good ratings overall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in fact, BMW X5 gets 5 stars Crash safety rating.

The authority gave it a ‘Good’ rating in all key areas of the car, including through tests like moderate overlap front and side impacts. Overall, the protection level it was granted was rated as superior (with optional equipment).

Now, a new organization put the SUV to the test only to come out with a 5-star rating as well. is a website that seems to be working with the NHTSA in conducting separate tests of various automobiles, to see exactly how safe they are to drive.

To keep things short, the X5 aced their testing procedures even though it was done in a lot more traditional way than what we’re getting used to today.

Basically, the X5 received a 5-star rating in every test except the roll-over one where the protection level went down to four stars. However, the risk of rolling the car over was calculated at only 18.8 percent so you shouldn’t be too worried about that.

The test you’re going to watch below is a full frontal collision at 35 mph (56 km/h) against a fixed barrier. That is equivalent to two cars hitting each other directly, each doing 35 mph. Of course, we’re guessing that speed was used considering that both drivers would slow down before an accident occurs.

That’s because normally, the speeds recorded during accidents are higher than this and could lead to different results. An interesting thing to note is that the passenger’s side airbag didn’t deploy like it happened on the driver’s side in the frontal crash test.

On the other hand, the other two tests showed all airbags deploying which means on the first video someone must’ve mingled with the system.

Here’s the full rating from the NHTSA:

BMW X5 gets 5 stars Crash safety rating

Overall Safety Rating: 5 Stars

  • Frontal Crash Rating: 5 Stars (Driver: 5, Passenger: 5)
  • Side Crash Rating: 5 Stars (Driver: 5, Passenger: 5)
  • Side Pole Crash Rating: 5 Stars
  • Combined Side Barrier and Pole Rating: (Driver: 5, Passenger: 5)
  • Rollover Rating: 4 Stars
  • Risk of Rollover: 18.8%

NHTSA – New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), Frontal Test: Crash test dummies representing an average-sized adult male and a small-sized adult female are placed in the driver and front passenger seats, respectively, and are secured with seat belts. Vehicles are crashed into a fixed barrier at 35 mph (56.3km/h), which is equivalent to a head-on collision between two similar vehicles each moving at 35 mph.

2015 BMW X5 | Frontal Crash Test

2015 BMW X5 | Side Crash Test

2015 BMW X5 | Pole Crash Test

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