BMW X4 xDrive 35i Specs, Review, Features, Pricing

BMW X4 xDrive 35i Specs, Review, Features, Pricing

BMW X4 xDrive 35i Specs, Review, Features, Pricing – With its unusual X6 sports version of the old X5 which has sold more than 250,000 units worldwide in six years and will soon be renewed, BMW had invented a new car here. In marketing jargon, it is called a “SAC” for Sports Activity Coupé versus the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Applying the same recipe as its big brother, the BMW X4 xDrive 35i – whose competitors are appointed by BMW Range Rover Evoque and the recent Porsche Macan – is neither more nor less than a BMW X3 made more slender by a flag flying up bottom of the tailgate. The result is more convincing than the X6, with a tapered silhouette, “lighter”. Question proportions no doubt, but not only.

BMW X4 xDrive 35i Specs, Review, Features, Pricing

If the X3 is already among the most pleasant compact SUV to drive, it must be recognized that its sporting version is even more so. With its low center of gravity of 6 cm, the roll even better content through the increased diameter anti-roll bars and more incisive steering variable steering ratio, the BMW X4 xDrive 35i treats its driver cornering where he enrolled with confidence and precision, helped by its excellent xDrive all-wheel drive and its damping control standard. In short, to plead the cause of the SAC, the X4 is well placed.

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As with all modern BMW, you can choose from four driving modes – Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport plus – acting on the engine response, the reactivity of the automatic transmission, damping and steering assistance . The last level reversing the ESP stability control intervention threshold to allow an even more dynamic. And as always with BMW, this electronic crutch can be completely disconnected.

But why? You really push this BMW X4 xDrive 35i into a corner to take it in default, resulting in tight, by a corrected understeer franc, with a small lag time, the ESP if connected. It is only in this case that its 1810 kg are felt.

BMW X4 xDrive 35i

Fortunately, the 306 hp and 400 Nm available from 1200 rev / min to 3 liter six-cylinder petrol move with joy this substantial mass, especially as the automatic transmission 8 original ZF with paddle shifters, is still as compelling and has not much to envy the best robotic transmissions. And despite his overeating, this noble turbo six-cylinder emits a growl more flattering.

Pleasant driving as is a BMW X6, X4 differs from his elder by not neglecting the comfort or practicality. Thus, the damping comfort proves identical to that of X3. This is all the more meritorious than our test model was fitted, finishing M Sport tires 19-inch run-flat, little known for their softness.

Better yet, livability remains very acceptable, including legroom in the rear and headroom through foundations established lower (2 cm in front and 2.8 inches in the rear) that ‘aboard the X3 that partially offset the 4 cm less in height. Even the 1.80 m will not feel like sardines in a box. And unlike the X6, strict two-seater bench seat is designed to accommodate, during three occupants. It can also be folded 40/20/60, freeing the way a large volume loading plan 1400 liters, barely less than the X3 (550 and 1600 liters).

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The dashboard is the same as the BMW X3, it is not necessary to regret, and politics also remains the same in terms of equipment. Some are standard as damping control, headlights directional diodes, GPS with large screen or the very convenient electric tailgate opening and closing (operated via the foot under the bumper), but many others are expensive pay even this high M Sport trim, invoiced € 65,700.

This is particularly the case with many safety features such as HUD, the speed limits, monitoring blind spots or lane departure warning. As for our high motorization, 35i, pays a penalty of € 6,500 and must deal with a pretty amount of insurance premium, clearly modeled on that of the X6. BMW X4 xDrive 35i