BMW: major software update for 500,000 vehicles

BMW: major software update for 500,000 vehicles

BMW is launching a major software update on 500,000 vehicles worldwide. In France, 15,000 cars are affected.

There is something new at BMW . The German automaker has launched a global remote software update campaign and offers more than half a million customers to update their vehicles for free using BMW ConnectedDrive apps and services.

BMW: major software update for 500,000 vehicles

“We are currently carrying out a worldwide remote update campaign on more than half a million BMWs. It will be the largest campaign of this type ever carried out by a European manufacturer.”, Announces Klaus Fröhlich, member of the Management Board of BMW AG in charge of Research and Development.

How to proceed ?

In France, “15,000 customers will be able to download a new software version for their BMW thanks to the car’s on-board SIM card or thanks to the smartphone connected to a Wifi network via the BMW Connected App (in this case, it will then be necessary to synchronize the smartphone to the car before proceeding to the last step) “, indicates the mark in a press release.

“Once the download is complete, these customers will receive a notification indicating that a new software version is ready to be installed directly on the Live Cockpit Navigation Pro screen of their BMW (only during a stop) or on their smartphones via their BMW Connected App. Finally, once the download is complete and after a final validation, customers can start the installation in their BMW. The most important updates require only immobilization of the car for 20 minutes before that the latter is not ready to resume the road with, on board, all new features. “, adds the manufacturer.

What benefits?

This update will allow vehicles to take advantage of the latest technologies developed by the brand (parking assistant and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant improved for example) but also to integrate new functions.

Which models concerned?

The vehicles concerned are those equipped with the modular BMW Operating System 7.0 launched at the end of 2018, i.e. 17 models in total, from the 1 Series to the Z4 through the 3 Series and the X5 .

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