BMW i8 Review : Enduring Passion

BMW i8 Review – McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder and other LaFerrari have already proven that a hybrid car could develop extraordinary sporting qualities. But this is a dream, and exceptional cars that even very wealthy portfolios can only admire! BMW tackles for his part in a segment more “accessible” which is found mainly Dinosaurs: Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type, C7 Corvette … A world where there are still rolls to compare with the neighbors. Sports roaring, very effective, but the technology still very (too?) Classic.

BMW i8 Review

BMW i8 Review  From the look …

BMW How can it compete with these big names established on the market for half a century? First, with the pace. Tortured, atypical and banded with aggressive lines, the i8 leaves no one indifferent.We may hate this debauchery of complicated features, but I honestly do not know much … Hard not to find her charisma, especially in many ways, it recalls the fabulous M1 of the late 70s . And then there is the door opening scissor, that add to the show!

Technical BMW i8 Review 

But the highlight of the show, it’s under the hood. When the 6 or 8 cylinder becomes the norm for sports in this class, BMW replica … with a small 3-cylinder turbo! Yes, you read me! Displacing 1.5 liters, it is fed by a large turbo gives it 231 horsepower. At the front of the car, there is an electric motor that adds the equivalent of 131 horsepower. Do the math, the i8 offers 362 horsepower with a torque of 570 Nm.


With an electric motor engaged solely of the front and an engine waving rear wheels only, the i8 can become traction drive or 4×4 depending on circumstances and the driving mode selected. As such, there are three: electric, comfort (hybrid) and sport, which has the particularity to constantly rotate the 3-cylinder and therefore … to recharge the batteries!

BMW i8 in the farm

Some figures BMW i8 Review …

Type hybrid “plug-in”, the i8 takes 3 hours to fully recharge its batteries on traditional outlet or less than 2 hours via the “wall-box” brand. Still, the electric range is advertised at 35 km, what to translate approximately 25 to 30 km in the real life. To be honest, we were expecting more at this level … In hybrid mode, the overall range is between 400 and about 450 km.

This i8 advantage of its lightweight reinforced plastic structure with carbon fiber (CFRP) that accuses that 1485 kg on the scale to show first-class benefits. The 362 horses give heart to joy, with a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds and announced a limited top speed of 250 km / h.

The tour of the property

Aggressive, the i8 is not a little one! A real bomb that hangs all eyes and unscrewed all heads … and history to add a ladle, boarding is via the spectacular door opening scissor! That’s when the problems begin: accessibility on board is enough “problematic”, which is all the more annoying that everyone looks at you … Once on board, the driving position can savor lowered, but The atmosphere is less saucy that we might think … Too bad?

If indeed we find two additional seats, know that it must be seen as a space for luggage, belts trimmed and not a place to settle human beings! Which is good because the storage spaces are counted and the trunk, located behind the engine is not only hot, but also ridiculous. The style has its reasons which ignores functionality … It must be some concessions!

BMW i8 Review Cool view

Perfect for the city?

With its silky electric motor and automatic transmission, one might think that the i8 relishes urban environments. She, perhaps … The driver, however, far less: rear visibility and three-quarter front is more limited and the suspension strikes a little too strongly to the taste of my vertebrae! Leave this inhospitable jungle from which to attack the small open road. The i8 unveils here his true nature.

A sport?

Once accustomed to the direction bit too artificial, it’s happiness 100% pure sugar, the i8! Clamped to the sport mode, it responds by snarling his 3-cylinder with no unpleasant sound hoarse. We are far from metallic cry of a 911 or intoxicating melody of an F-type, but it’s still impresses. Thrust, the manly kind, do not expect the top of the tachometer to occur, the electric motor is put to work at low revs. And believe me, there are resource!

BMW i8 Review Damn it’s good!

And then there is this chassis part, absolutely fantastic balance. The i8 is revealed when the pace was emboldened with a surprisingly easy behavior for a mid-engined car. Just remember to treat your entries curve, facilitated by the beefy braking, allowing the frame to be placed conveniently. According to the weightlessness of the right foot, it is easy to adjust the position of the rear axle. Simple and very effective to show a large banana! In the end, the word that remains in the lead, it’s lightness. This structure CFRP really works miracles.

The damping control offers two laws: Comfort or Sport. The difference between the two is not immediately to your column, but mostly we accept that at most it goes fast, it dampens the best! Rather dry at city pace, the i8 shows a very honorable comfort highway … At least if we except some wind noise (specific to our model, perhaps?) That spoil a little fun.

BMW i8 Review 2


A structure by extensively using carbon fiber and a hybrid plug-in technology: while it feels necessarily on the invoice. And € 141,000, the i8 is much more expensive than the Jaguar F-Type, Corvette C7 and other Porsche 911 Carrera. Fortunately, the equipment is fairly full, which already limits breakage.

Consumption mainly depends on your driving style and … your user profile! The golden rule is understood to reload as often as possible and for short trips, maximum use of the electric motor. In this case, consumption frisera absolute zero. Conversely, long distance and without regular charging, the appetite of the beast will approach 10 l / 100 km. For guidance, we obtained an average of 7.3 l / 100 km, recharging regularly.

BMW i8 Review  Conclusion

More than a sports avant-garde, BMW presents a new vision of the sports car. Responsible vision, politically correct, but that does not exclude a good dose of fun “old.” This is tangible evidence that even sports have a bright future ahead of them. Perfect, the i8 can not be. But in spite of a very advanced technology, it succeeds in engaging be in use, which is probably the best compliment we can do it.

BMW i8 Review Conclusion

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