BMW i8 : 2015 World Green Car Award

BMW i8 : 2015 World Green Car

The BMW i8 who tried last month continues to be successful, not only in the commercial plane in which the demand has forced double production of this model, but also in different events of greater and lesser weight internationally. Chosen by you as Deportivo Best of 2014 Motorpasión, now just get the award for 2015 World Green Car.

It is the second consecutive time that BMW car gets the award for “green” at the World Car Awards every year are awarded at the International New York International Auto Show. This year the BMW i8 new addition was also a finalist among luxury cars.

BMW i8 : 2015 World Green Car Award

BMW i8: a revolution among sport and hybrid

No wonder too that the BMW i8 has achieved this award internationally renowned because for me it is definitely the car to mark the line to follow in the future in this sports hybrid socially frowned upon. I mean, that’s why we have conducted three times now ( Release, touchdown, test ), and some more that will drive safe.

The BMW i8 is the only car that has been released so far on the market, able to convince equally to Councillor for Environment in your city and you, the petrolhead or burned driving every day looking Motorpasión enters dose adrenaline on four wheels.

How do you get? Being the only logical drive market price (now costs 139,200 euros) can be measured as equals an entire Porsche 911 Carrera with consumption worthy of a Toyota Prius. The combination of the three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine of 1,499 cc and 231 horses, with power of 131 horses in a package that weighs only 1,485 kilos in weight and is aerodynamically worked endlessly it seems, as evidenced by these and other awards, other of the hundreds of positive reviews it has received, the magic recipe for success.

Driving sensations are unique, different. With it you can move around freely enjoying the silence of the electric motor in urban and intercity or otherwise sections, attacking a mountain enjoying the fictitious sound from the speakers while your body hair stands on end when you go back that little engine 1.5 only three cylinders.

And I do not mean just until Jeremy Clarkson himself has said of which is “As green as a Prius and as desirable as a Ferrari”. Last year the World Green Car 2015 was the BMW i3, which the German brand with its range i get swayed by second consecutive year the jury of 75 journalists from over 20 countries. If we consider that in 2008 was the BMW 118d the winner for its positioning ambassador values BMW EfficientDynamics, it is clear that something is being done green BMW.