BMW at the Detroit Motor Show

In its 100 years of existence , almost half of his life has been devoted to the American client BMW with a presence in this market since 1975, reinforced by the plant Spartanburg , South Carolina in 1992. It is therefore , special dates for BMW that since beginning of the year will be noted worldwide in every one of its divisions, but especially where recognition has more and bigger , their models with the M Sports etched in her womb .

So, starter: BMW M2 Coupe . Since we talked about it and here it can find more detailed information, but will summarize the basics. It will almost total probability, the M2 last drive , because this series is called to be integrated in the front-drive platform of the brand. I assure you there will be bad news, in part because they also make the M2 Coupé a classic even before birth . Their main data? Here they are: 6-cylinder engine online (simply the best engine that has BMW in its range) of 3.0 liters with tecnolgoía Twin Power Turbo , 370 hp power, 465 Nm of torque Рwith overboost, up to 500 Nm Р250 km / h top speed up to 270 km / h without limitador- or 4.3 seconds in the 0-100 km / h .

BMW at the Detroit Motor Show: BMW X4 M40i

The other bombing is the new jewel in the crown of the BMW X4 range, the sportiest SUV brand has few. YM you know what that means. The result, BMW X4 M40i . The starting point is a BMW X4 xDrive 35i, but you can imagine the significant transformation that is under your skin. First, for a BMW M is a genuine M, has to carry a large engine under the hood. And the X4 40i has. It is the same inline 6-cylinder version 35i, but do not miss this detail: it is called M Performance BMW Twin Turbo . Apparently, it looks the same as the M2 Coupe, Performance detail but in its name seems to make things clear, so much so that BMW claims that its engine is also a world first.

And, the inline-six with 3.0 liters , as you know, with double-VANOS, high-pressure direct injection and turbocharging, will fall directly developed organs for M3 and M4 . To highlight a forged steel crankshaft with specific semincojinetes pistons new development, more turbo pressure and sucked more air flow due to the aerodynamics of the car itself . BMW announced for M40i X4 “only” 360 hp between 5,800 and 6,000 rpm . If it was not already, now no doubt that will shake one of their main rivals, the Porsche Macan , especially in the version GTS .

M40i BMW X4, its performance.

Here are the rest data: 465 Nm of torque , 0-100 km / h in 4.9 seconds and 8.6 l / 100 km average consumption. As you can imagine, all you have to give the meaning of all BMW M. So, the X4 M40i evolves in many other fronts. Chassis set-M Performance -again, that magically word address specific damping front axle largest decline, oversized brakes, thicker stabilizer , not forgetting a new schedule for the all-wheel xDrive far more sharing torque to the rear axle . It sounds as you would expect of a BMW M, partly because BMW has already been commissioned to develop an exhaust system with variable control of butterflies . And as you see in the photos, they look devastating, thanks to its optional equipment Ultra High Performacen wheels, with wheels of different measured in the front and rear axle.

In addition, BMW also presented at the Detroit show a significant transfer of technology BMW eDrive ia all its new range of plug-in hybrids, and the latest milestones in connectivity systems and driving assistants.

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