BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype

BMW C Evolution For now in the prototype stage, the BMW electric scooter promises to cover 100 km in a kinetic energy recovery system. Three-hour charge for a first down.

In early 2012, BMW launched into the deep end with the maxi scooters  C 600 Sport  and  C 650 GT , two machines that share the same architecture but meet different needs. Their electric version is expected to arrive in spring 2014 as a scooter “B license” (thus equivalent 125 cm3) although with surprising performance because of the instantaneous torque delivered by the electric motor.

For now, the German manufacturer gives us the opportunity to try a prototype of its future BMW C Evolution scooter. What to get an idea of ​​the kinematics of the machine and its ergonomics, failing to discover his full equipment.

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype 2
Image © Cathy Dubuisson

As with most electric vehicles designed as such from the start, the batteries occupy all the central part (behind the neon green part and the rider). There is no framework itself, the box which houses the batteries replaced. At the front is grafted a small cradle that carries the fork.

The high-voltage batteries cooled air show a capacity of 8 kWh. The electric motor is cooled

by a liquid. An energy recovery system during deceleration will extend the autonomy that can reach 100 km according to BMW. Recharging is done faster by 3:00 with the integrated charger into the storage compartment on the left. It can connect to a specific terminal charging or a standard wall socket.

The performance of this prototype after all close to the series prove surprising for the simple reason that if the power output is 11 kW (15 hp), the peak is 35 kW (47.5 hp). This implies the passage to be the holder of the new A1 license or a motorcycle license . When his real launch, the BMW C Evolution should nevertheless be consistent with a B license (car) like any other 125 cm3.

The instantaneous torque when will by leaps against specific to this electric motor. C Evolution is very bright initially as the raises and no anti slip does keeping watch for the time. It is closer in acceleration of a 250 or 300 heat than a 125 cm3.

BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Prototype 3
Image © Cathy Dubuisson

Top speed side, the C Evolution is limited to 120 km / h . Its 100 kg of batteries placed very low and chassis rigidity ensures excellent stability at high speed in a straight line as in the fast corners. His conduct is very safe and is almost silent exception made ​​of the low whistle which accompanies us.

Another specificity is the extreme maneuverability of this scooter. Despite its size, it spins around cars and maneuver in a handkerchief. BMW C Evolution nevertheless shows a mass balance 265 kg in working order that does not let predict such a feeling of lightness to driving.

Image © Cathy Dubuisson
Image © Cathy Dubuisson

When you release the throttle, the effect of the deceleration seems similar to what it feels like riding a scooter with a conventional thermal power plant. Unlike the BMW C Evolution advantage of this moment torecover some energy for its batteries. We are therefore not coasting, as is often the case on a “thermal” when the speed falls below 20 km / h. Neither extreme recovery as driving the Mini E where the use of the brake became almost useless in normal driving.

If the conduct of BMW C Evolution is really nice and reveals relevant for everyday use, it remains to be seen what the delivered equipment level. The prototype has the right to back-lit slopes (which included probably not on the production version) with LED daytime running lights, an automatic parking brake when deploying the side stand, a slot for headphones full under the passenger seat, and a large screen on the dashboard that informs us about the forecast autonomy. Instant energy management as the driving also part of staffing, as well as the ambient temperature gauge, etc.

Image © Cathy Dubuisson
Image © Cathy Dubuisson

The bubble smoke too low to be effective will probably be enhanced and clarified. It is not known if the horn (very powerful for that matter) will be completed a little bell to alert pedestrians who do not hear this silent happen scooter.

Some indiscretions make us say that several driving modes should be available on the final version (sport, normal and rain for example). The anti-skid could also be added to help suppress the considerable torque. Not to mention a reverse to facilitate parking scooter with this heavy 265 kg. She would kick the gray button currently no indication on the left handlebar. To see. Especially since we do not know to this day while the sale price of this zero-emission scooter. Some regions heavily subsidize the purchase of electric vehicles, this is not the case everywhere.