Battery problem Ford F-150 2021, Discharging Battery ?

Battery problem Ford F-150 2021, Discharging Battery ?

New 2021 Ford F-150 pickup trucks delivered to dealers and customers had a particular problem; their 12-volt battery was discharging for no reason.

It is the Detroit Free Press which reports this news after receiving information about this problem which occurs on the left and the right.

For example, a dealer in Texas said that one of the new models in his yard ended up with a dead battery. He must have used his old Ford F-250 to start the new F-150 and get it into the workshop. The technician who examined the vehicle mentioned that the battery appeared to be in good condition. She was loaded and the model returned to the yard, explained the custodian who was not authorized to speak to the media.

Ford F-150 owners have been seen discussing the situation on private online groups to determine the cause of the problem and then find a solution.

Battery problem Ford F-150 2021, Discharging Battery ?

“Some vehicles built before we started shipping them to dealerships need a software update to prevent the batteries from losing their charge,” Ford spokesperson Said Deep told Detroit Free Press. . “Our dealers were notified last week and letters will be sent out to our customers next week on this as part of a customer satisfaction program. ”

Ford has not provided any further details on this situation, including why 12-volt batteries are losing power or how many vehicles are suspected of having this issue.

As for the owners, their stories are different, but similar. After recent use or after a few days, they are surprised to find their F150 flat.

We are not talking about a serious problem and the solution is only a software update, but it is still unusual. And it also shows us how much electronics are present everywhere in our vehicles.

Ford F-150 owners with a battery problem should visit the dealership for a software update, Said Deep said.

We don’t know at this time if any of the models with potentially faulty batteries have crossed our border.

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