Audi SQ7. Tour, the world turns

Audi SQ7 Test Drive, Specs Review

The first Q7 of the history signed by Audi Sport is a technological portent; and also, a sports car with an innovative diesel heart.

Sports? Diesel? SUV? They seem incongruous, three terms that probably do not know how to go hand in hand … But that on four wheels do wonders. You do not believe it?

Audi SQ7. Tour, the world turns

The signature of the four rings has achieved five of its thirteen victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with TDI engines, and all that knowledge lays the foundation to develop this 4.0 V8 TDI, which has taken four years of work. It is not just any mechanics, it is a work of engineering that has variable distribution -for the first time in a TDI-, direct injection at 2,500 bars of maximum pressure, two variable turbos and an electric compressor that moves thanks to the energy supplied by a new network of 48 volts that adds to the usual 12 V.

Audi chooses this solution because the conventional network does not generate enough energy to move its 7 kW compressor, which accelerates to 70,000 revolutions per minute in 250 milliseconds. They also install a lithium-ion battery with 470 Wh capacity under the floor of the trunk , which does not prevent being able to equip two extra seats, and electric, upon payment of 1,765 euros.

On the move, you do not know what is happening under its hood, but you know that this technological compendium is present. You feel it because in the Efficiency mode it is able to change gears to 1,300 laps; and with just stroking the accelerator, at 1,000 rpm and notes that there is power, a lot of power . They are 900 Nm of maximum torque -or what is the same, 91.8 mkg- between 1,500 and 3,250 rpm. Today you can count on the fingers of one hand the cars that offer a higher number.

Its refinement is sensational and sounds like a gasoline V8 thanks to some exhaust designed for it. It\’s nice to say enough and transmits a sense of power; however, we are talking about 435 hp, power to which rivals only come thanks to hybridization or powerful gasoline engines. The 4.0 V8 TDI is combined with a Tiptronic 8-speed gearbox and quattro drive, which in this test unit was accompanied by the highly recommended dynamic package . It costs 7,555 euros and adds the sports rear differential, the anti-roll system and the steering on the rear axle.

Seven types of driving

From the Audi Drive Select system allows us to choose between seven different programs, one for each type of driving that we want to make at that moment , and that make it a flying carpet with which to devour kilometers and kilometers without a hint of fatigue -equipment pneumatic suspension and it can incorporate up to 24 assistants of help to the conduction-, or in a sport of 2,405 kilos.

The incorporation of the electric compressor avoids the \’turbo lag\’ effect -it is called the feeling of lack of response at very low speed-, since it works since we started. While the exhaust gases are not capable of driving one of their variable turbos, this new compressor is responsible for the supercharging. On the 1,500 revolutions a turbo comes into action, and from 2,500 rpm work both already. Then the power is overwhelming, and he lets us know by sticking our body to his sporting seats.

To make things clear is the Audi Virtual Cockpit, with a presentation traced to that of an Audi R8, where there is a generous revolver and shows us even the G force of acceleration. All this is customizable.

It announces 4.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h and we have measured it one tenth less. It has Launch Control and this car does not stop until it reaches 250 km / h, which is the electronic limitation. For more inri say that in 19.4 seconds already goes to 200 km / h, and leaves the kilometer thrown at 218 km / h . That\’s true sports data.

Sports all-terrain dress

This SQ7 not only runs in a straight line, but in spite of its weight – it is high even though it uses the MLB Evo platform – and its height, it has a curve pass envied by other SUVs, and it shows it from the minute one with a driving position more typical of a saloon. Although it has or can have everything, its ergonomics is fantastic, and in a matter of minutes we control any function.

Its dynamic has seemed more like a family member than a crossover. Its agility is surprising, helped by active stabilizer bars that are controlled by a motor located in the center of each of them and that generate 1,200 Nm. They are driven by its 48 V system. This helps the Audi SQ7 to turn flat, very flat, in the same way that its steering on the rear axle allows you to subtract steering wheel turns at high speed and guide it as if it were a sports car. If the march goes, the best would be to pay the 10,795 euros that cost the carbocerámicos brakes.

The mentioned system of four directional wheels – the rear ones rotate a maximum of 5 degrees in the same sense that the front ones to high speed, and in opposite sense to low speed – also it allows him to take out chest by wandering, because it converts to this SUV of 5, 07 meters long in a utility , with which to go through winding areas in cities is a piece of cake, or at least as far as feelings are concerned; because volume and dimensions does.

Powerful, fast, comfortable … The SQ7 has it all. So much so, that it is even efficient, since we have measured a real expense of 8.8 l / 100 km -homologa 7.6 liters with 21-inch wheels-, practically nothing for an SUV of its size, its weight and its 435 Power CV. For this it has Start-Stop and \’inertia\’ function, which meshes with deadlock when we stop accelerating.

Now, this sporty all-dress dress starts at 112,220 euros. It is not little and, in addition, could come better equipped of series.

The key

I remember when I first drove the Audi Q7 V12 TDI, a marvel of engineering that this SQ7 exceeds in performance, even with 65 hp and four less cylinders. This machine is extraordinary for its comfort, its technology or its security … But what is most surprising is its way of running, I\’m not going to deceive you.

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