Audi RS Q3, 5-cylinder also in coupe SUV version

Audi RS Q3, 5-cylinder also in coupe SUV version

Also comes the version with the tail for the C SUV characterized by one of the most enjoyable engines, which now reaches 400 hp.

The 2.5 L 5-cylinder Audi turbo returns with 400 hp and 480 Nm of torque, giving the new Audi RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback a 0-100 in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 280 Km / h . Not only more power though, there are 26 kg less engine block, thanks to more extensive use of aluminum.

Audi RS Q3, 5-cylinder also in coupe SUV version

The cylinder liners are now plasma- treated to reduce friction, while the power is managed by the Quattro all – wheel drive and the gearbox is the S-Tronic 7-speed dual clutch. From today, the wheel selective torque control function is also available, as on RS6 and RS7 , which slows down the eventual slip of the internal wheels during the curve.

The RS style

As with all pumped versions, the Audi RS Q3 also receives refinements that allow it to break away stylistically from the versions we\’ve seen so far. The front is dominated by the new 3D grille and the side deflectors that channel the air flow to the outermost outlets.

The inserts can be chosen with a carbon or satin silver finish and now 21-inch wheels are also available to accommodate carbon ceramic brakes. The 10 mm lowering compared to the normal version is due to the presence of sports suspension with DCC , capable of adjust the response according to the selected drive select mode, which now integrates the RS1 and RS2 modes.

All this ardor is kept at bay by brakes with 6-piston monoblock 375 mm steel calipers or a new ceramic carbon implant with 380 mm disc and 6-piston aluminum monobloc caliper.

Check the tail

As mentioned, the Sportback version also comes in the Audi Sport range, which brings with it sharper lines and sharper ribs. A small appendix is ​​added to the upper spoiler, with an aesthetic function, which accentuates the sporty look of this version.

Audi RS Q3, 5-cylinder also in coupe SUV version

The beauty is that the load capacity remains unchanged at 530 L in normal conditions , while something is taken if we go to break down the backrests because of the more sloping roof. Roof that also affects the liveability of those sitting on the rear seat, which, in any case, to accommodate passengers in the best way runs 12 centimeters deep .

Audi RS Q3, 5-cylinder also in coupe SUV version

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