Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive

Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive – The Audi Q3 is in Germany in the top 3 of best-selling SUVs. In order not to lose their place on the podium, the vehicle is the sports version of Audi Q3 RS has been carefully renovated, with the same. More power and less fuel consumption, the models allegedly 2015. Visually, the models were slightly changed.

Since the launch of 2011, Audi sold 400,000 of Q3, With the Audi Q3 RS in 2013 led a strong brother one. A high-performance SUV with 340 hp. Because so far only Mercedes has responded and brought the GLA 45 AMG. Same length, but also a bit more power and a bit more expensive. But the question remains: Why do we need a small SUV with such force? (Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive)

Let’s look at the price in Germany. The Audi Q3 RS costs almost 57,000 euros. The normal Audi Q3 is almost half price at the dealership, from 29,600 euros. But the RS Q3 is thus still the cheapest RS model from Audi. And actually already fully equipped. The Audi Q3 RS offers a lot of what you’d expect from larger cars, yet is so compact that it is an anytime city road car.

Under the hood: new engines

The three TFSI and TDI clean-diesel three-four-cylinder Audi Q3 afford the normal 120 to 220 hp and with less fuel than the previous model, the manufacturer. The CO2 emissions fell according to Audi up to 17 percent. For fuel consumption and CO2 reduction contributes, among other things, the Audi cylinder on demand technology, ie two cylinder switch off easy when they are not needed – what the driver does not perceive the way. If he needs power, it is also available.

Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive

Audi Q3 RS

Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive 1 Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive Audi Q3 RS and Audi Q3 Facelift Test Drive

The five-cylinder engine of the Audi Q3 RS 2.5 liter engine now delivers 250 kW (340 hp) with 450 Nm of torque. Was the previous model in 5.2 seconds from a standstill to 100 km / h and accelerates the new top model in 4.8 seconds. That is impressive and makes the driving fun. At 250 km / h, electronics puts an end to funny. The RS Q3 is also at the highest speeds sick in the streets, never raises a spongy feel. True joy it brings the car but not necessarily on long highway straights. The powerful engines in conjunction with the compact size and the perfect steering make it especially to stardom on switchbacks in the mountains. Threesome can hardly move forward even under difficult driving conditions. The engine power is also expressed in a beautiful sound; RS exhaust system enticed to open underpasses before the discs to listen to the monster under the hood at work.

The new dress: inconspicuous beautiful

Audi tends’s not – not yet, there’s finally a new chief designer at work – to revolutionary changes in the appearance of the vehicles. At the tried and true is more cosmetic surgery. The 2015er Q3 was visually broadened by other lines, new lights act simultaneously elegant and sporty. Front there xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights in series in the new rear lights a dynamic beacon, which signals the turning like a treadmill.

Unlike the normal Q3, the Audi Q3 RS has front spoiler with stronger and wider air intake areas. The aluminum elements at the BBQ are not silvery but matt black. In side profile, fall on the lower side skirts and the larger wheels. 19-inch wheels are standard, optional, there are 20 inchers.

Interior: elegant black

An almost completely dark interior can quickly act like a black hole, the Audi Q3 RS that is not the case here, it seems like the perfect evening dress. But with a sporty touch. A highlight is the steering wheel with a flattened side, another the seats with good lateral support and an eye-catching design with white contrast stitching. Nice again this Audi: People with long legs can extend the seat forward and enjoy an increase in leg rest.

Audi Q3 Facelift

AudiRSQ3 AudiQ3Facelift Autogefuehl 006 450x300 Audi RS Q3 und Audi Q3 Facelift im Test

AudiRSQ3 AudiQ3Facelift Autogefuehl 008 450x300 Audi RS Q3 und Audi Q3 Facelift im Test

AudiRSQ3 AudiQ3Facelift Autogefuehl 007 450x300 Audi RS Q3 und Audi Q3 Facelift im Test

AudiRSQ3 AudiQ3Facelift Autogefuehl 009 450x300 Audi RS Q3 und Audi Q3 Facelift im Test

Test-Consumption: Powerful on factory specification

No question in order to really judge is a long-term test necessary, but as stated by Audi at 9 liters to drive the Audi Q3 RS 100 kilometers, which is a feat. In our earlier test before the facelift we had a consumption of about 12 liters. This time we were still a little bit about the car in acceleration and top speed but have fucked sometimes. Kilian Lichtinger, the responsible project manager of the Audi Q3 RS, but assured that in normal driving conditions, the value must not be in double digits. We are very gentle with the gas check feet on occasion times. It remains but even here, that no one buys an RS to sneak through the area.

Conclusion: Mission accomplished

The new Audi Q3 have the model fit for the coming years. There is no reason why the sales success should not be continued. That leaves the question of top dissolve, because the Audi Q3 RS and Mercedes GLA are like 45 AMG each other. We think both cars are really close to each other. But the RS Q3 is certainly the better SUV feeling with the higher seating position, while the Mercedes but is the sportier vehicle. In February, produced in Spain new Audi Q3 and Audi RS Q3 are at the dealership.

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