Audi Confirms the Arrival of The A4, A8, Q1, Q5 and Q8

After the discovery of Q7 and R8 new generation, Audi has confirmed the arrival of five new models in the coming years, a busy schedule!

Models flood the Rings

The firm Ingolstadt recently held a press conference. A good opportunity to address the issue of future replacement models or completely new that will enrich the already strong line. By 2020, Audi aims to from 52 to 60 models, no less!

Audi A8 autonomous in 2017

Maybe you remember the RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept ? This car performs laps unmanned! It was probably for Audi to show a glimpse of what he plans for its future cars, since the next A8 expected for 2017 will be autonomous. She was inspired to design part of the Prologue Coupé and Prologue Before .

The new Audi A4 unveiled this year

The new Audi A4 unveiled this year

For our most regular readers, Abcmoteur has already shown three times the next generation of the A4 (B9).First sighted in the guise of the current A4 , her final appearance was photographed twice ( here andhere ). The sedan with the four rings will be based on the new modular longitudinal platform (MLB 2) and will appear to the public at the Frankfurt, Germany, in the month of September.

A small SUV in 2016

A small SUV in 2016

After the A1, Audi will soon offer a small SUV. Called Q1, the course will provide access to the range of Audi SUV and position as a premium alternative to the Nissan Juke . It is expected in late 2016. No other details were given by Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi.

Q5 or X3 eternal rival planned for 2016

Here, too, little information has filtered through the great competitor BMW X3 (see our test) . The second generation of the Audi Q5 2016 will probably close enough to the new Q7 in terms of style and will be released in 2016.

Q8 a 100% electric in 2018?

The Audi Q6 prepares its electricity

The most interesting surprise is probably a reference to the imminent arrival of a fully electric sports SUV . Named Q8 e-tron or Q6 e-tron , this SUV “cut” based on the MLB platform 2 will get in front of theBMW X6 and Mercedes Coupe GLE , but most appear as a weight challenger for the future SUV Tesla with 500 km of autonomy announced!

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