Audi A8 2022 Redesign : first SPY PHOTOS

Audi A8 2022 Redesign : first SPY PHOTOS

The mid-career restyling of the Audi A8 is getting closer and closer, as evidenced by the new spy photos that have immortalized a pre-production prototype of the new version of the German flagship while it was engaged in winter testing in northern Scandinavia.

The shots show a new Audi A8 that seems almost ready to officially debut, with the camouflage camouflage placed only on the front and rear of the car, where, however, you can still see the new headlights on the nose and the renewed bumper design.

Audi A8 2022 Redesign : first SPY PHOTOS

Enlarged A3 front

Following the stylistic imprint of the most recent Audi models, the new A8 will also sport renewed headlights, with the general appearance of the front of the flagship of the Four Rings that will essentially become like that of the new Audi A3 but much wider and more generous in size. Beyond the aesthetic touches to the bumpers, there do not seem to be many other innovations on the exterior of a car that, even by renewing the look, will not differ too much, as per Audi tradition, from the general appearance of the current model.

Audi A8 2022 Redesign : first SPY PHOTOS

The new Audi A8 should renew the interior with an improved infotainment system and with an update of the active safety features that the on-board technology that aims to bring the car closer to Level 4 autonomy driving.

Rumors about engines and possible extra-luxury version of Horch

While indiscretions speak of the possibility of the launch of the Audi A8 Horch with a 6.0-liter W12 engine, an extra-luxury version with the return of the premium brand that would follow a bit what Maybach does with Mercedes, in terms of engines the entire current range of the A8 is expected to be upgraded and electrified with 48 Volt mild-hybrid technology .

Kolesa’s render

The render created by the designer Kolesa offers us the Audi A8 2022 with new optical groups with headlights with renewed graphics that recall those present on the latest generation of the A3. The grille also has a slightly different shape and appears a bit smaller overall.

Audi A8 2022 Redesign : first SPY PHOTOS

Aside from a new front bumper and perhaps revised side skirts, there won’t be any changes to the rear, which could remain very faithful to that of the current A8. Kolesa’s rendering also follows this path of re-proposing the same stylistic configuration of the tail, even if a new graphic configuration for the luminous signature of the rear cannot be excluded.

It will change little on the S8

The new Audi S8, the sports version of the Ingolstadt sedan, should take full advantage of these small stylistic changes. Thanks to a “narrower” front, the new S8 could stand out better from the standard variant, even if this “distinction” is unlikely to be as clear and evident as the one that characterizes the sporty models of the Audi RS range.

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