Audi A4 2023: the sixth generation will be all electrified

Audi A4 2023 Specs, Design & Engine, Will be all electrified

The new generation of the Audi A4 will arrive in a couple of years and the first rumors arrive on the characteristics of the sixth series of the lucky model of the house of the Four Rings . As we already reported a few months ago, it will be based on an updated version of the MLB platform and will feature electrification.

Audi A4 2023: the sixth generation will be all electrified

The design

According to the latest rumors about the look , the new generation of Audi A4 2023 will have a short front overhang like the current model , but with more “substance” between the bumper and windshield. In addition, the exterior design of the car will make the A4 look like a “shorter and sportier A6”.

These are the stylistic principles that have already received the green light on Audi’s upper floors and that will guide the creation of the new A4.

The engines

The big news, however, will come above all under the hood. As reported by the English colleagues of Autocar, in fact, the car will have an update of the current range of petrol and diesel engines, all with mild hybrid and plug-in systems . In the latter regard, there is talk of a range of almost 100 km in 100% electric mode.

The e-tron version will also arrive , completely zero emissions. The latter, however, will be based on another dedicated platform for electric cars and should arrive about a year later than the one with a thermal engine. As with the latter, there will also be a high-performance RS variant, with over 450 horsepower.

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