Aston Martin announces the return of the V12 Vantage!

Aston Martin announces the return of the V12 Vantage!

Aston Martin announces the return of the V12 Vantage! The noble twelve-cylinder will nevertheless go through the turbo box for its last breath before the era of electrification.

After a shutdown in 2019, thV12 Vantage is making a comeback. An ultimate version for this iconic model which will benefit from the noble twelve cylinders under its hood!

Aston Martin announces the return of the V12 Vantage!

A V12 without buying a “big” Aston Martin

Might as well cut short the suspense: yes, the V12 Vantage will be back in the catalog of the British manufacturer but the block will obviously be stuffed with turbos. Forget the idea of ​​an naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12 right away. This dream is now a thing of the past.

But the news is still interesting for several reasons. Already, the V12 engine will become accessible again, without going through the DB11 V12 box or the DBS Superleggera . Cars currently sold respectively from € 224,874 and € 283,544 all the same.

A video that makes you smile!

In a video posted on their social networks, Aston Martin offers us the opportunity to listen to some notes of the majestic and melodious V12.

The end of the extract ends with the words ”  Never leave quietly  ” understand: “Never leave in silence”. With these few seconds of pure pleasure, the British brand wants to keep us going before the return of the model scheduled for 2022.

If Aston Martin manages to make us dream probably one last time, reality slowly returns to our minds once the extract is over. Indeed, the brand will go electric by 2025 . A descent on Earth where we quickly understand that it is undoubtedly one of the last models of this type to emerge! Especially since Aston Martin announces the color: this future V12 Vantage will be a Final Edition .

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