iPhone instead of the key. Apple introduces a new CarKey service to its devices

iPhone instead of the key. Apple introduces a new CarKey service to its devices

Apple announced the remote car opening function. Although the technology itself is not new, it has until now been reserved only for a relatively limited group. Now iPhone users will also benefit from the solution.

iPhone instead of the key. Apple introduces a new CarKey service to its devices

While the manufacturers have already accustomed us to the proximity opening of the car, maybe soon we will not have to worry about whether we have not forgotten to take the keys with us. Apple presented the new CarKey service during the presentation of its new iOS 14 system . What’s more, it will also be available on the older iOS 13 system.

The service works as part of the Wallet application, and the first car that can be operated in this way is the BMW 5 Series after facelift . Soon, the rest of the Bavarian manufacturer’s models will join it.

How does CarKey actually work?

The Wallet app is installed by default on iPhones, you will only need to pair the car. When we want to open the car, all we have to do is bring the phone closer to the place where the NFC reader is located (i.e. in the door handle) and the vehicle will open.

Once we have taken the place in the car, all you have to do is put the iPhone in the place of the induction charger and start the car with the button . Simple right? Even if the battery is discharged, the system will continue to operate for several hours .

What if your phone is lost or stolen? Then we can remotely immobilize the virtual key using the iCloud service . Re-opening or starting the car will no longer be possible.

However, this is not all. If we want to lend our car to another person , and the safe transfer of the physical key will be impossible, this is the solution. We can remotely grant permissions to use the car from another device. Of course, if this someone has a compatible iPhone.

What’s more, if we are worried about our vehicle, while granting permissions we can limit some functions such as available power or maximum speed. The option will be especially appreciated by parents whose children do not yet have much experience behind the wheel.

Kind of comfortable, but not entirely

What is an advantage on the one hand can be seen as an inconvenience on the other. The short signal range eliminates the risk of car theft using a suitcase , but at the same time requires us to always put the phone to the door handle. The service is also available for Apple Watch Series 5 devices, which will certainly facilitate opening, but will make starting the car more difficult.

However, work is already underway so that the presence of the device in your pocket or purse is sufficient . Soon the service will also be available in other cars. What exactly? This is not yet known.

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