ALPINA B5 vs BMW M5, Which One Better?

today we will discuss ALPINA B5 vs BMW M5, Which One Better?  While the M division of BMW and ALPINA have never really competed, comparing M cars and ALPINA has always been something that automotive journalists have done. Since there are M and ALPINA versions of most BMW series cars at about the same level of price and performance, journalists have always been interested in seeing what’s best. Each offers a very different experience, so it’s always an interesting comparison. This time it’s a battle between what are honestly the two best BMW cars badged on the road – the ALPINA B5 vs BMW M5.

After piloting the ALPINA B7 a few months ago, I was personally obsessed with the ALPINA brand. The fact that its cars offer 80% of the performance of a car M while being 50% more comfortable is incredible. However, the new BMW M5 is probably the most complete M car that makes this M / ALPINA comparison harder to determine than ever before.

ALPINA B5 vs BMW M5, Both cars are based on the new BMW 5 Series G30 and both use 4.4-liter V8 bi-turbo engines. However, the way they go and the two V8s are quite different. The BMW M5 uses a custom M engine that makes 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. However, the ALPINA B5 engine is a motor specifically adapted to ALPINA which develops 600 hp and 590 lb-ft. Despite having more torque, the M5 is faster, capable of 60 mph in less than three seconds, while the ALPINA takes about 3.5 seconds. It’s probably due to the weight because the M5 is a bit lighter. The ALPINA has a wider torque curve, however, and feels a bit more linear, while the M5’s power delivery is more explosive.

They both use the same transmission, an automatic eight-speed ZF, but each gearbox has a specific setting. The same goes for the AWD system, which is set by each respective brand. The biggest differences between these two, in terms of their chassis, are the fact that the M5 can become rear-wheel drive while the ALPINA can not, and the ALPINA has the four-wheel steering while the M5 does not.

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As for the way they drive, however, these two cars are radically different. The ALPINA B5 is much more comfortable and relaxed. It is the best long distance cruiser and is the best passenger car of both. While the BMW M5 is more exciting and better on a winding road. However, the differences are slimmer than ever, with the M5 being surprisingly more comfortable than some might expect and the ALPINA being more exciting than ever.

There must be a winner, however. And, according to Autocar, the winner is the ALPINA B5. It has a greater capacity width and actually has better driving characteristics, such as a better steering feel and a more natural feel to the chassis. The BMW M5 is more exciting, there is no doubt. However, for daily driving, it is the ALPINA B5 that Autocar would like. And it’s hard to say.  that’s our discussion today about ALPINA B5 vs. BMW M5, hopefully useful

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