All-New Honda City 2020 Review, Powerful, Powerful, Both Price And Engine

All-New Honda City 2020 Review, Powerful, Powerful, Both Price And Engine

Beautiful exterior but not wow

While Almera has subdivided the sub-headlights with LED headlights and halogen, Honda City itself has similar characteristics, but it’s cooler that his headlights have many models.In the RS model, they are LED lights with DRLs in the Honda Civic or Accord pick up with a black grille and fog lights.

Shark fin antenna side mirror Black rear spoiler Two-tone alloy wheels, carbon front diffuser and rear pattern The most striking thing for us is the new design LED taillights and the cool taillights. Corresponds to the lines fired directly from the tip of the headlight.

All-New Honda City 2020 Review, Powerful, Powerful, Both Price And Engine

As for the minor model like SV, there is the design of the front light lamp which is beautiful and eye catching. Projector front lamp Two-tone side mirror Two-tone wheel reduced from 16 inches to 15 inches, chrome exterior door opening hands Chrome front grille Emphasizing luxury, discreet, mature Same as the two-tone ivory / black interior seats

We like the lines that correspond to each other, from the headlights to the taillights, which Honda calls the Cutting Edge. The body dimensions may look different, but actually Then it is slightly wider and longer At the same time it is shorter and the wheelbase is shorter. All of them are more beautiful, just not so beautiful.

The inside is the most organized, sitting comfortably.

The top RS, like the interior, is made of suede, which does not know if it can be called Akantara. Combined with the use of leather in some parts, the brake pedal, the accelerator is a metal material. The all black interior is trimmed with red seams. The seat has a sports backrest. Red mileage, arranged, ready to watch, all the time.

The driver’s seat is adjustable in 6 directions. The front passenger seat can be adjusted in 4 directions. The glass in the sun visor has 4-way adjustable steering wheel. Console material is both hard and soft. Which is plastic and leather The center armrest, I think is a little too low.

The rear seats have armrests with cup holders in two positions. But there is no lock which is dropped to the max There is also a cup holder floating in the position of the front seat armrest. In the RS version there are two 12V power outlets hidden underneath. For us, this option should be available in SV as well.

People who are tall and thin, like me, can ride comfortably without problems. Plus a small set of buckets Didn’t make you feel uncomfortable But if the big person may have a problem with the shoulder to be over the seat because of his design adjustment The rear seats are more comfortable than the previous model. Because he adjusted the front seat to hide the legs, avoid the knees of the backseat Makes the space to move the legs comfortably

The seat position is also longer. More comfortable for the front legs The reclining cushion is good to sit comfortably. But the tarnished head is fixed, not adjustable And if sitting directly behind the seat up to 180 cm, people would probably head against the roof But if talking about the eco-car together I think this one is the most comfortable for all positions.

For the SV, it is leather seats. Two-tone interior with gray trim, without red seams Speedometer Reduce sportiness Look more mature There is no 12V power supply for the rear seats.

Infotainment and cockpit

Infotainment system provides a beautiful 8 inch touch screen with Apple Carplay support, rotating air conditioning control, but showing digital performance. The air channel design is cool and pleasing. The steering wheel has different controls and there is no Cruise Control at Almera. But Honda City doesn’t have a 360 degree camera either. Let the rear camera adjust to 3 angles

The 8-inch screen is a touch. It can be touched. Great finger stick. Use through Apple Carplay is smooth, but the screen is pushed flat into the console. No overlapping Leaning towards the driver Causing us to have to look no further than we thought Instead of just a glance And the screen’s pixels are still visible This one is a bit disappointed..

The red mileage watch looks cool. But the digital multi-function screen in the middle is really old-fashioned Although not really looking at driving, but I think it’s better than this. Control of various functions That is an excellent steering wheel The steering wheel in RS model uses good grip material. The steering wheel is big, full, full of hands. Here, I like it a lot.


The side mirror that moves from the A-pillar is another, so when we look and see the side of the mirror instead of the back But it gives a wider angle as he claims It just takes time to adjust, because the car in the side mirror market is on the A-pillar.

In the soundproofing in the cabin, we said that it improved. But if at speeds of 130 – 140 km / h, there are some disturbing wind sounds, but not to hit the music and talk to each other. The steering wheel itself, in addition to being full-handed, also has excellent weight in all speeds.

Turbo engines are truly spruce.

In order to get into the Phase 2 eco car from the original, the 1.5 liter engine has to be reduced to a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine. The DOHC VTEC TURBO delivers a maximum power of 122 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 173 Nm At 2,000 – 4,500 rpm

Honda claims that the torque of this engine is equivalent to the 1.8 liter engine, providing superior driving performance than the original engine. Power transmission by CVT transmission. Controls the gear shift on the steering wheel at 7 levels. Supports E20.

People who wonder if this 3-cylinder turbo engine will be powerful or not? We would like to say that “Pervading force” that he said 1.5 horsepower, 1.8 torque, 1.8 times nothing beyond real. Although at first, we will be little money for the throttle, with the familiarity with the 1.5 and 1.8 combustion engine that drives regularly.

But at the moment we were left, the same red light as the 1.5 turbo car like the Civic. But there is a factor that the car photographer sat full I sit alone and don’t have luggage.

In the moment that I was chasing after the photographer, in fear of being lost, I glanced down to see Miles Monk, it almost touched the number two The road ahead is still left. So I managed to prove to be disappointing. I can do it. I crushed this 1.0 liter eco-car number Burbo cars up to the number two. Oh, meaning 120 km / h. Oh. really

Strength in traveling on the highway Or overtaking a big car Slow cars themselves are considered to be lacking. More confident than other eco-cars in the market. Comfortable leg drive Use the accelerator for less than half. If not, really want to crumble.

The fuel economy that claims at 23 km / liter. Actually, my feet. With the driving conditions of the group Reporters, some testers are accurate, some are 8-9, some cars normally drive a little bit up to 13-14, which the engineering team also said satisfactory. For those who are worried about Turbo Lag, Turbo Cooldown is not necessary. You don’t have to worry about heat in the city. Because he has a water cooling system especially for fast shellfish After driving, it will stop.

CVT gears themselves work well with ball machines. But sometimes, when you have to go up the hill, there are a bit of Aung, you have to hit the accelerator and hit it once. Conclude throughout the testing period Nothing about gears. To be anxious for the heart, I would like to emphasize once more “woeful”.

Soft brakes, tight suspension but ..

All-New Honda City 2020 provides a MacPherson strut front suspension with stabilizer bar. Behind it is a torsion beam The wheelbase is narrower than previous models. The brake system to be a front disc brake, rear drum brake

If used for driving in a normal way, the man who drives the car will use the same brakes, tires, enough to be enough. Understand that Honda City is a car that sells from the first driver’s license to the adults who change driving license many times, so the middle or being a car for everyone is important.

That makes this car have a very good midpoint. Everything is smooth, smooth, whether the throttle, the engine, the brakes, the suspension that flips from the City that we used to experience. The lower part of this car will be enough for those who like the softness when encountering a bad road, but firmly firm enough when swiping through the seam or bridge quickly. There is no longer any sense of hollow suspension.

Flowing indefinitely On this car, regardless of the straight path, the curves on the hill, is a lot of fun. And if wanting to come up with the engine, the 1.0-liter turbo engine is ready to respond immediately. But if you are a racing enthusiast or want to be absolutely confident In times of needy driving, these car-related stuffs will start to get tough enough to come up with stubborn hands.

When the script really broke, the bottom suspension that we said was left to be enough. Pushing the engine that is too strong, brakes, tires too, undercarriage Unsure Not the most fun These problems can easily be solved. Like changing the brakes, adding suspension, adding tire size, but there will be additional expenses to follow. As for the device, leave it like that. It is really used.

Honda Connect, the end of the butler.

It may look a bit harsh, but Honda Connect has many benefits, including turning on the light, unlocking the car, starting through the application that allows you to check the condition of the car and there are still some things that make it through the call center.

But the same secret function is a function similar to Speed ​​Limit. If you drive faster than set The system will alert immediately. Parents who buy cars for their children will be more comfortable. Can’t even stop But immediately knew that the ball was racing Call me a bit.

There is also a GeoFence or Pinning Territory. For example, we set the house and set a radius of 5 km around the house. When this car enters or exits the app Will have an alert immediately Butler, unaware wife may not want Sri wife to know about this. But on the other hand, this system has many more useful applications.

it said that Almera has more options, better value than aga.

When Nissan Almera sent a full-fledged market battle While Honda City’s own army is still in the process of creating a near-perfect army. Causing the symptoms in this round of battle to look staggering

Even so, the city car hanging down as an eco-car phase 2 with a 1.0-liter turbo engine with a single rival, the Nissan Almera 1.0-liter turbo. At this time, social media is blessing a lot. Like Honda City, nothing good at all.

Regarding the exterior design, it would have to depend on people like it. If asked if Honda City is beautiful or not, it is pretty, developed from the original. There are also adult-looking siblings in a sporty SV in the RS, but the Nissan Almera will look fresher, more exotic. Because it must be considered the leap development of his camp But the rear light for me, please give to City.

As for the options, honestly, yes. Almera has more and is much cooler. Is an advanced TFT dashboard. In addition, Almera also has an all round camera. Which, once there are cameras all around, so it has various systems Tow many things

The front warning and front emergency braking system for both vehicles and people are very useful for drivers in the city who like to play phone until the front car is always there. Rear warning system Blind spot warning system Honda City does not alert these vehicles when going out of these lanes.

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