All New 2022 Honda HR-V Specs, Features & Overview

All New 2022 Honda HR-V Specs, Features & Overview

The new generation of Honda HR-V was unveiled in Japan and it adopts a rather different style from the current one. Its lines are more harmonious, but we still recognize its signature and its position within the family.

In Japan, the model takes the name of Vezel. Its styling takes an approach that resembles that of “coupe” SUVs, which adds a touch of sportiness to the overall presentation. The headlights, wider, and the muzzle more positioned vertically, help to make the vehicle more imposing. The grille has slats that seem to integrate well with the bodywork and the special feature of the HR-V, that is, the rear door handles integrated into the door frame, is still present. Overall, we have a model with more refined lines.

All New 2022 Honda HR-V Specs, Features & Overview

On board, if you remember what Honda presented us with when the Civic 2022 was unveiled, you will find yourself in familiar territory. The presentation is minimalist and shows us a horizontal opening which extends over the width for the integration of the air vents. A floating screen dominates the central console and spoils the purity of the lines a little. What do you want, fashion is what it is now. Fortunately, the configuration of the rear seats (with the Magic Seat approach) remains, which means that we will always be able to enjoy a generous cargo volume compared to the size of the model.

The air conditioner grille on the front passenger side extends from left to right. It seems that Honda wants to make its passengers comfortable with a design like this.

All New 2022 Honda HR-V Specs, Features & Overview

The clear lines between the dashboard, air conditioning vents, and glovebox as well as the center console give a more organized look and feel to the interior of the new Honda HR-V . In addition, Honda replaced the entertainment system on the dashboard with a “floating” screen in the center of the dashboard. The system is equipped with Honda CONNECT.

Regarding the Honda CONNECT, there are various functions that consumers can use. The first function, the Honda HR-V is equipped with an automatic map update service. In addition, there is the “Honda Digital Key” which uses the smartphone as the key, the “Honda App Center” which provides a variety of applications that extend the enjoyment and convenience of the car, and the “Honda App Center” with data communication and an internet connection. The Honda HR-V is equipped with many functions, and for the first time in a Honda mass product, this car has Wi-Fi in the car.

Speaking of engines, the Honda HR-V is equipped with a 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine with CVT transmission. Honda equips this latest HR-V with an e-HEV hybrid system with a two-motor hybrid system. With this hybrid technology, users will enjoy linear and comfortable acceleration. The rider can also choose three driving modes, including Normal, Sport, and ECON.

Inside is the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature which evolves to include a jam tracking function. In addition, there is a collision mitigation braking (CMBS) system, an off-road deviation suppression function, a sign recognition function, and a lane keeping support system (LKAS). There are also three new functions, including rear false-start suppression function, short-range collision mitigation brake, and auto high beam.

Honda has not released the official price for this latest HR-V. However, the latest Honda HR-V or Vezel will launch to the market starting April 2021.

All New 2022 Honda HR-V Specs, Features & Overview

Since the presentation of the product is for now a Japanese affair, one has to be careful with what has been unveiled under the hood, although it would be interesting for our market with a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder taking advantage of the hybridity. We will see if Honda will dare to make some changes on this side for the versions that will eventually be intended for us.

In Japan, the HR-V will go on sale next April. Normally, we would have expected to see a version sticking its nose out in one of our salons, whether it’s Detroit in June or Los Angeles in November, but with the pandemic, we remain a little in nothingness. The party could well take place in Los Angeles in the fall if the situation improves greatly by the end of the summer.

We will see, as the other would say.

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