Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio: a dream spider

Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio: a dream spider

Although it has never been a concrete idea in the upper floors of the Biscione brand, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio , or in any case a sports spider of the Arese brand, has long been among the most ardent desires and dreams of enthusiasts, with the alphists at the forefront of pushing for the creation of an Alfa Romeo super sports car that can once again offer the pleasure of driving with the wind in your hair.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio: a dream spider

Farewell to the roof

A desire to which this interesting new render proposed by designer Salvatore Lepore tries to give satisfaction, even if only virtually . After several stylistic ideas on possible future models of the Biscione, such as in the case of the recent Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupé designed by Alessandro Capriotti, this time Lepore makes the roof disappear from its Giulia, revised with a decidedly more aggressive and pushed design that gives it the aesthetic configuration of a supercar, to transform it into a two-seater spider of absolute charm.

Aesthetic lines of high-performance sports

The styling of this Alfa Romeo Giulia Cabrio emphasizes the high-performance nature of the model, as can be seen for example from the slits on the sides of the bonnet, as well as from the machined design of the front with a markedly aerodynamic bumper and pronounced splitter. in carbon fiber on the nose which is an omen of absolute level performance

Supercar sports seats

The two-door body also offers an athletic and slender profile, with evident ribs on the sides, and then joins the widened rear wheel arches. Silhouette of this Alfa Romeo spider which is inevitably also characterized by the large strongly inclined windshield. The render of Lepore also shows us a car with two sporty and enveloping seats, a further premium element that would bring this Alfa Romeo convertible closer to the world of supercars.

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