ABT AS4 Avant Specs, Details, Photos

Hello and welcome to a new post on LikeAutomotive. Today we are dealing with our category ABT Cars in which we will give you the latest news from our product portfolio. I am standing in the wonderful Allgäu region together with the ABT AS4 Avant, which we presented to you at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and that I now would like to show to you in all of its details.

The perfectly fitting ABT Aero package for the Audi A4 gives the front end an even more dynamic look thanks to the front skirt add ons for the the bumper and the grille. The rear skirt set underscores the sportiness of the Audi mid-range without being too intrusive.

ABT AS4 Avant, Very Cool Audi kenalpot

The fumes are released through our new exhaust system with its 4-tail pipes look. Of course there also is the right kind of wheels available for the ABT AS4 Avant the design DR, the design ER-C and the design FR, all ready to be used in 19 or 20 inches with tires in a width of 255 mm.

ABT AS4 Avant, Very Cool Audi specs

On our car here, you can see the DR Design in 20 inches. Currently available from ABT Sportsline are two power upgrades for the new Audi A4, on the one hand for the 2 liter TFSI that has a standard 252 HP and after being optimized by ABT then develops 330 HP and a torque of 440 newton meters. And then there is the second available upgrade, fans of Diesel engines pay attention now, for the 3.0 TDI that is also installed in this car. It delivers 272 HP from the factory and is upgraded to 325 HP and a very impressing torque of 660 newton meters by ABT. More power upgrades for other engines will follow soon.ABT AS4 Avant, Very Cool Audi frontABT AS4 Avant, Very Cool Audi backview

We hope you enjoyed this short post about the ABT AS4 Avant.

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